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  1. *Fixed* Problems with fresh install on new build

    Hey, as it turns out the OCZ Solid 2 had some corrupted data on it, did a command line "clean" "clean all" and alignment on it and the install went fine....I read that these steps were not necessary for the newer OCZ SSD's and mine has the latest firmware so i just ignored the possibility altogether....thanks for all the help, it's been a very frustrating week!
  2. *Fixed* Problems with fresh install on new build

    i'm testing a RAID array now, there is a science to this stuff, and admittedly I have lost a bit of knowledge and know-how as XP has been my OS for quite sometime now....I've tried numerous BIOS settings for the HD controllers, AHCI, ACPI S1/S3, RAID-IDE...I've gotten rid of all hardware short of essentials....i don't have another system to benchmark it from since the systems I have are all 5+ years old (AMD X2 based, plain old DDR memory, SATA 1.5) the new tech is totally different...I'm comfortable with what I already had, but the games of today are lacking on my old systems.
  3. *Fixed* Problems with fresh install on new build

    found the missing step...WAIK cannot be used on XP machines....i don't have server 2003, vista or 7...so i am screwed
  4. *Fixed* Problems with fresh install on new build

    if you can, I would return to your retailer and tell them to exchange your DVD for one that is not scratched. Tell them the **** thing is not installing and raise bloody hell. They will likely swap you out, just to shut you up. HAhhahh...yes, I actually just got off the phone with Microsoft and I wasn't very happy, I have a work ticket and the returns department is supposed to call me in the morning. I found it ironic that they have zero knowledge base about this issue, yet it is known in the tech community...
  5. *Fixed* Problems with fresh install on new build

    i see....thanks. I am not phishing for a bootleg here, guess I'll have to study up on WAIK a bit....just really, really frustrated is all.
  6. *Fixed* Problems with fresh install on new build

    Okay, nothing is working, imagex is too new for me...i'm lost, i understand the syntax, i'm missing a step somewhere and this whole fiasco is yet another bitter pill brought to me by micro$oft. I need to know where to get the Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit ISO from now so i can burn a new disk, i have the OEM disk that is bunk....any help????????
  7. *Fixed* Problems with fresh install on new build

    MrJinje, I am new to imagex and WAIK....I have XP pro SP3 on my machines, my familiarity with Vista was limited to a laptop that took 4 minutes to login, so it was sold. I joined this forum in '05 to make a nLite disk for my XP builds and technology has since passed me in a few light years....wish me luck
  8. *Fixed* Problems with fresh install on new build

    MrJinje, why would i need to burn an ISO? I paid for a DVD from microsoft, there shouldn't be a problem with it.... I will have to try downloading the ISO...what a pain....Okay, I give, where do i get an ISO of Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit???? arrgggghhhhh....! Tripredacus, I put it back in S3 suspend mode, never made a difference...
  9. *See Last Post* My system: AMD Phenom II 1090T Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 Corsair Dominator 4gb 4x WD 640Gb Black Edition Caviars in RAID 10 OCZ Solid II SSD 120gb as system drive Corsair HX750 PSU 2x XFX Radeon 5870 XXX edition Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit OEM the problem: I get to the end of the second step "expanding system files" and it BSOD's with the following stop error 00x00000024, which is a NTFS.sys issue according to all I can gather. I have changed ACPI to S3 and S1, I have changed the SATA drives to ACHI, I have removed 1 stick of RAM, I have removed all the other hard drives...I am pulling my hair out trying to crack this stupid error. I have never had anything on any of these drives, they are new, as is all of the other hardware. I have checked guides for installing the OS on an SSD, still nothing...is there something I am missing???? Please HELP!o.O
  10. Integrating drivers

    yes . If the integration is successful, the drivers are in the i386 folder and the device will be recognized at the end of the installation. and that is a beautiful thing when it works...i love this program
  11. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    okay, well i was correct, i had some bad config logs in my folder, i started with a fresh install and now everything went well...i had about 4 trial Nlite configs, three of which were not complete, those must have somehow been messing with the install when nlite created the iso they were in it...also, i did pull the raid drivers from the sata and ide folders, so that may have been the cause as well...thanks for the help
  12. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    it says 4.84 as the NVRaid bios i'm going to try it all over from scratch, i just noticed those config files (three different sessions) in my ISO folder, i think that may be affecting the install...then if that fails i will switch bios to 406 and yes the system is completely stock, no overclocking..yet..but she's watercooled, so it'll happen eventually
  13. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    i have the 704BTA from OCZ Tony, which is better and more stable than the 0406...the 0406 has some good fixes but overclocking isn't supposed to be as nice with it...i'm also wondering if having multiple session log files in the same folder can be causing issues with the CD
  14. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    okay..i followed the latest install guide in this thread, when i got through with the install i rebooted and the windows boot screen popped up real faint and now it reboots infinitely at this same point everytime the bios info at the bottom of the page says: 07/06/2005-NF-CK804-6A61FD49C-00 IT'S A DFI Lanparty UT NF4 ULTRA-D mobo i have 4 hitachi 250Gb SATA drives in raid 0+1 and running @3.0gbs I'm using nLite 1.01 and integrated the following drivers: NVATABUS.inf NVRAID.inf those are the only two things i saw in the window for selection in nLite....the SATARaid and IDE folder contained everything, but it only chose those two things for install the readme in the nvraid folder states this: This Win2K/XP nForce (C19/CK804 and C51/CK804) driver package consists of the following components: Audio Driver (v4.62) "WHQL" Audio Utility (v4.51) Ethernet Driver MCP51 (v50.11) "WHQL" Network Management Tools MCP51 (v50.11) SMBus Driver (v4.50) "WHQL" Installer (v5.01) Win2K IDE Legacy Driver (v5.52) Win2K IDE SataRAID Driver (v5.52) "WHQL" Win2K IDE SataIDE Driver (v5.52) "WHQL" Win2K RAIDTool Application (v5.52) WinXP IDE Legacy Driver (v5.52) WinXP IDE SataRAID Driver (v5.52) "WHQL" WinXP IDE SataIDE Driver (v5.52) "WHQL" WinXP RAIDTOOL Application (v5.52) what is going on here and how can i remedy this hellish nightmare...i had similar problems with my last pc