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  1. If you read what I have written, I have removed all of these programs (Outlook Express is still there and Media player contains mplayer2.exe). They are just empty folders, with nothing in them, and therefore I don't want them there. I have tried figuring out this problem know, reinstalling lots of times. I tried turning of File Protection, but that didn't work. To be honest I thought this was gonna be a really easy question, that would be answered right away (it's just a question about removing some empty folders!). Doesn't anyone else get some of these folders when installing? When I for ex
  2. Yes, I have integrated SP2 in the .iso if that is what you meant.
  3. Yet another reinstall, and it didn't work. I have disabled the WFP. When I try deleting the folders from cmd it says: "The process cannot acces the file because it is being used by another process". And yes, you can say that I should read the guide and search, but I have read the guide three times, and didn't find anything when I searched. And to be honest I don't know why I should disable the WFP to be able to delete these folders. Isn't WFP just for the system files? This is just folders with nothing in them, except a few of them. But if you say so. Is the problem that I havent disabled it p
  4. I don't know how to check that, but i've used nLite and did the patches, where it's disabled by default.
  5. This is starting to p*** me of, I have reinstalled 5 times now to get rid of this stupid folders, and I can't understand why none of you know the answer to this question? I use nLite and have removed lots of stuff. Why are these folders created with nothing in them, and how can I delete them? cmdow @ /hid REGEDIT /S %SYSTEMDRIVE%\RegTweaks.reg SLEEP 15 RD /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\ComPlus Applications" RD /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\internet explorer" RD /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\microsoft frontpage" RD /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\movie maker" RD /S /Q "%SYS
  6. I tried this now, but it doesn't work because "the files are being used by another process". Is there a way to do this before the system starts up? cmdow @ /hid REGEDIT /S %SYSTEMDRIVE%\RegTweaks.reg SLEEP 15 RD /S /Q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\"ComPlus Applications" RD /S /Q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\"internet explorer" RD /S /Q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\"microsoft frontpage" RD /S /Q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\"movie maker" RD /S /Q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\"msn gaming zone" RD /S /Q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\"netmeeting" RD /S /Q %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program files\"Outlook Express"
  7. I've made my own XP now, and I have a question. When I first start up there are created some folders inside my Program Files, and I was wondering how I remove them from being put there (I cannot remove all of them normally). The Folders are: -Common Files <- Contains lots of files, I cannot remove this because it's needed? -ComPlus Applications -internet explorer -microsoft frontpage -movie maker -msn gaming zone -netmeeting -Outlook Express <- Contains the whole program -Windows Media Player <- Contains mplayer2.exe -windows nt -Xerox All the other folders doesn't have anything usefu
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