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  1. I have many, many question that I hope someone can help me answer. I keep trying and rereading everything but can't seem to understand it all. So here goes, sorry for the long post. I am only testing this on the Visio CD first and am assuming that if I can do it with one CD the others should be able to be done in the same way. I am using WinXP. I am attempting this with SP2, using the correct full file updates for each program. In the end I want to make the AIO CD with a program in each file instead of the beef stew method. I am correct that to remove the read only and hidden attributes from the files you do this after the admin install buy right clicking on the directory and unchecking those to boxes? #1 in the instructions say to copy cd contents to the HD, I thought the only way to be able to slipstream was by doing and admin install, is this correct? If I just copy the CD contents to the HD the SP cant' update because the files are still in the cabs, correct? #4 in the instructions say to get the XML files from the HD but when i do and admin install there is only the setup.ini in that folder and no XML files. I have to copy the XML file from that directory on the CD and put it in the sort folder. Is this ok, or am i supposed to have the XML files where the instructions say to get them from? #4 in the instructions say to edit the tabledirs.lst and xmlfiles.lst to meet my needs. Does this mean to edit it so that the tabledir.lst says e.g. C:\Visio\sort\vispro? Or does it just mean to have the name already like it has them but keep the ones for what you are doing and comment(#) out the others? the first few times i ran the script it did not make the cabs. After looking at the script and comparing it to the file names that ORCA exported the tables as I noticed they were different(e.g. Componen.idt, Director.idt, CabinetD.idt, the File.idt and Media.idt were correct). Did i do something wrong, miss something or does ORCA actually export the table names incorrectly? does the msi need to be anywhere specific? i just left it where the admin install put it. in post #45 Siginet says that the setup.exe needs to be in the sort folder, is the correct? it wasn't in the original instructions and others seemed to have got it to work without supposedly knowing about this, so does it actually need to be placed here? so when i get things to sort of work it makes all the cabs and then i think it starts to calculate the md5's and i get this error. ---------------------------------------------------- ... creating J5614D01.CAB: Microsoft ® Cabinet Maker - Version 5.1.2600.0 Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.. 43,576 bytes in 1 files Total files: 1 Bytes before: 43,576 Bytes after: 15,490 After/Before: 35.55% compression Time: 0.09 seconds ( 0 hr 0 min 0.09 sec) Throughput: 472.83 Kb/second calculating md5 for O1561403.CAB (12936423): md5sum: O1561403.CAB: No such file or directory Error: [object Error] C:\Visio\sort> ------------------------------------------ Where are the cabs supposed to be put when they are made? For me they are, in in this case, in C:\Visio. If i move them to the sort folder and run the script again it again puts the cabs in C:\Visio but it gets past this part seeming only because I have moved the cabs to the sort folder. Should I have to move the cabs? It makes the new CabinetDetail.idt. I then edit the VISPRO.MSI in ORCA and hit enter to continue the script and get this error. ----------------------------------------------- xml files found: VISPRO.XML modifying VISPRO.XML md5sum: AER_1033.ADM: No such file or directory Error: [object Error] C:\Visio\sort> -------------------------------------- Two things here: 1. I compare the supposedly modified VISPRO.XML with the original and they are both the same. What needs to happen for the XML file to actually be modified? 2. I look and this file (AER_1033.ADM) is in C:\Visio\FILES\WINDOWS\INF. So i dont know where the script is looking for this file and where any files it will look for after this should be place. Where should ALL the files be so the the script knows where they are at? At this point in time I am stuck and don't know what to do. Any help with these issues is greatly appreciated. Thank You Very Much in advance. I have more question but this will do for now.

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