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  1. I am using RT Seven Lite beta build 2.6.0 and when I select my Windows 7 Professional Edition (with SP1) ISO and an extract path, I get a message stating "Select a bootable Windows 7 operating system".

    I have also manually extracted the ISO and pointed to that directory, which then gives me an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." message.

    Any ideas?

  2. It would probably work with the new version anyway. Just follow the compatibility option and dependency warnings.

    Whenever I make a vLite'd DVD, I always tick all compatibility options. It starts me off on things I shouldn't remove from the disk.

  3. I made a vLite DVD-R based on Windows Vista Home Premium.

    I have installed the drivers for my Canon MP510 in Windows Vista.

    I can print fine but can not scan.

    I do not appear to have Windows Fax and Scan installed, although I did not ask for it to be removed. I also retained WIA to be best of my knowledge.

    No application can currently access the scanner.

    Any ideas?

  4. nuhi, you have the patience of a god :)

    i'd just start over if i was you

    copy all dvd contents to C:\vista or whatever

    make sure you have newest vlite (1.0 final is current), choose your source (browse to it using vlite) and select the corrent version of vista, select all the Tasks (besides the show iso screen before apply -just incase)

    make your choices to your dvd -components you tick are one's that will be removed, click apply, and choose the 2nd option (will make sure you only have one version of vista on your dvd then)

    imo, it's a pretty logical process..

    Right, I have done exactly that more than once! Read the topic :S

  5. If you're not gonna retry it with Apply - 2nd method then please attach the preset (last session.ini) from the folder or the DVD you used and I'll try it.
    I am not daft, I TICKED the components I want removed. I clicked Apply (which did shrink the folder) and then burnt it to media using vLite and although the installation settings went through fine (automatically entering CD key, setting Microsoft Update options etc.), it did NOT remove the applications/components I asked it to remove.
  6. There is NO way that it didn't remove what you selected.

    But there is a way to install the wrong image.

    Did you maybe select different image during installation, maybe unintentional by entering one CDKey for lets say Home edition while editing Ultimate?

    Also try Apply - 2nd method to rebuild with only one image if you used first method (which saves all images and changes only the selected one) the first time. Use RW media and Virtual machines.

    And above all if you are going to be this harsh then just give up, no one is forcing you.

    I apologize for being how I am, I am just frustrated in other ways than this vLite issue at the moment.

    I copied all the files from the DVD into C:\WINVI. I have a key for Home Premium. I directed the program to the directory, chose HOMEPREMIUM and set all the options I wanted. When Vista is installed from the newly burnt DVD-R, all the components I ticked (i.e. to be removed) were installed. That is all I know. I do not see what I could be doing wrong.

  7. Yes sir we will get right on making this FREE program work exactly as you say it should!

    P.S. vLite is used by thousands of people and very few experience problems so you are obviously doing something wrong.

    Things to remember:

    ALWAYS use a fresh source!!!

    Make sure and apply the changes Before you burn to CD\DVD

    Learn A virtual testing device!!! Like VMware or Virtual PC (Now free BTW)

    For someone who is trying to learn a FREE program you are very demanding and bitchy, take a pill and calm down.

    King Mustard, well read the description of the components page. SELECT means REMOVE. And click on the help in the upper right for the explanation why is it like that.

    I am not daft, I TICKED the components I want removed. I clicked Apply (which did shrink the folder) and then burnt it to media using vLite and although the installation settings went through fine (automatically entering CD key, setting Microsoft Update options etc.), it did NOT remove the applications/components I asked it to remove.

    I have a reason to be annoyed now that you two guys are making me out to be stupid but I have done everything I was meant to do. It has happened with previous versions of this software, too. Wasted a lot of DVD-Rs over time.

  8. Additional: I went through it all again, clicked Apply, chose the second option (that shrunk the folder by phyiscally removing the files) and then burned to DVD-R using the program and although Vista installed without asking for things like my CD key, whether to set Windows Updates to automatic etc. (which was a good thing), it STILL installed the Welcome Screen, Sidebar, Snipping Tool etc., things I asked it to remove! I am highly unimpressed with this program so far.

  9. I just tried installing Vista using the CD made with vLite and it instantly asked for my CD key, so I am assuming vLite just made a duplicate of my original CD. How frustrating.

    Guys, I am only helping here, but you can not assume users know they have to click the Apply button before burning. If the Apply button had to be pressed prior to the 'Burn' Mode, then fair enough, but it's not.

  10. On the Task selection page did you see the checkbox below the ISO named Enable without Apply? Read the help on the right.

    Meaning you have to press the Apply if you want some changes to be made.

    If you just want to make a bootable ISO without any changes then select the ISO tab and simply choose Direct Burn mode and press Burn.

    Use RW media so if something goes wrong you can reuse it.

    Also if some issues arise during burning then you can next time select Create Image mode and press Make ISO to create an ISO file ready to be burned with some other tool, like Nero - Burn Image, and it will still be bootable.

    Same goes if you press Apply first, then after it's done processing it will take you to the ISO page.

    I used the 'Direct Burn' mode before clicking Apply (as the mode selection box is shown on the screen before the Apply button).

    Have I gone and burnt an exact copy of my original media with no changes? If so, I will be annoyed that I wasted a DVD-R (and also if it's the case, the software should make it clearer as I consider myself very good with computer software and if I am confused, I certainly won't be the only one).

  11. I have copied the Vista DVD contents to the HDD (2.52 GB) and set vLite to use the directory.

    I have chosen my selected tasks, the components to be removed, the tweaks to be applied etc. and I am now on the ISO tab.

    How do I now burn a bootable DVD? I don't know which 'Mode' to choose, which 'Label' to enter, whether I should make an ISO and/or click 'Apply' first etc.

    Can anyone help?

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