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  1. what progma is the best for building a untended install and intergrated drivers the last 2 tries i have with rt7lite was ok for building the usb drive but not for intergrated the drivers as i kept getting errors i am thinking i really would liketo makea build with a choose you operation system menu for picking what machine in the house we are installing

    for example

    X64 windows 7 pro Living Room

    x6x windows 7 Computer name


    This would be for all 6 systems we have in the house for just the unatended installs and drivers the software would then be deployed over the wired gigabit network

  2. I recently build a network boot thumbdrive for installing and recovering windows 7 how would i go about intergrating wpi into this thumbdrive i know how to do the coding for network instalations i would like tohave wpi autolaunch win pe i tryed to open it and got a script error

    line 223

    char: 4

    Error The specific module could not be found

    Code 0

  3. i am wondering if it is time for use to build a actual server here in my house i have the fallowing devices running on the lan

    2 laptops

    2 desktop work station

    1 media center PC with 6tb of file storage

    2 network printers

    1 network scanner

    i am wondering if its for a actual storage server with roaming profiles

    all laptop and desktops have biometrics

  4. I just bought the the wife a ECS IC780m-A2.

    She is having an issue with windows 7's audio: if she plugs her headset in, it will act like it is it being plugged in and then unplugged, constantly.

    If we only have a mic or headset by itself they will work...

    We have gone to realtek and pulled the generic drivers...

    Has anyone experienced this issue before?

    She needs her headset for her online classes...

  5. i have been playing with this one for a few days now trying to install this officejet 6500 i can get the solution center software on silently no problem there the next step would be to add the network printer using HP's tool as i think i adds more capabilities then use mapping the printer with the net use command or though the network window so anyone have a great idea let me know

  6. Please forgive me as I'm a newbie at in building Windows 7 unintended install files. I had great success with windows XP

    I am looking to do a unintended Windows 7 ultimate install in a small nonprofit with five computers on a regular basis. We have a semi-large file server in our basement of 6 TB, but I would like to utilize

    My goal for this would be to have the core operating system on the DVD launch install min. The following applications to be installed From the network server . This is a peer-to-peer network, so I use words server very loosely

    The first application Windows 7 will install is a program we use exclusively in office called network drive manager. This is a network mapping software I have rewritten installer would be appropriate INI files in DLL files to allow the program to map all of our network drives upon first start about installation. This was done quite usually would install Creator Pro.

    So my theory is if Windows can install just NBM the rest of our installs can be ran off of the server . I'm just not sure how to call the applications in the automated install file

    I would like install the following

    AbbyFine reader

    Adobe acrobat

    Microsoft expression studio "for myself"

    Microsoft office 2010 "silent install for this is already built"

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking

    in our in-house text-to-speech software

    Most of these applications are over 500 meg each. With the exception of our text-to-speech software, which averages about hundred meg

    I am looking for the best utility or application that I can use to build unattended.XML file . As always, the best way to integrate add-ons without too much technical knowledge were reading my disability makes it extremely hard for me to achieve this.

    Thank you very much for any help I can get from you guys. I greatly appreciate it

  7. ok we have made the unattended.xml file

    we are need some advice

    what is the best way to integrate about 10 apps in the install imagex or $OEM$ Folder in teh past i have done the oem folder reoute but this will eventually end up on a dedicated usb thumb drive

    anyadvice woudl be great the imagex is confusing if i read teh mdsn technet docs and the readme file so anyone got a dummy how too lol

  8. hi everyone i need some guidance please

    we are having a few thing happen during install that i don;t understand

    1st issues

    windows media player "system restore message"

    we have integrated service pack 3 with the main install we are getting the message saying system restore is turned off however i have put the system restore command in to the winnt.sif


    MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 12

    RestorePointLife = 30

    2nd Issue

    Windows live messenger

    will not install

    how i built the package

    1.extracted the MSI file

    2.rared it

    2. created sfx file with this command structure



    setup=c:\tmp\messenger.msi /QN


    used nlite add-on maker to create the cab file

    added like i have for 25 other programs and the files will extract but will not istall

    after install have dir c:\tmp\Messenger.msi

    can this be installed via a run once commanded

  9. i am in the same situation what we did was run lock down utility to restrict my austic son to the desktop only we have all him programes installed on the nas severs in games share then mapped to his desktop and we run a internet filter recentlly he learned about the run command so i have to remove the run comand :)) hope this helps steve@specialchildexchange.org if you need some help

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