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  1. Tried your reg file and then installed the drivers and I still get the error Think I might just go out and buy a friggin Creative Soundcard and havew done with it unles anyone else has any other suggestions! Thnx to Mercury for the help so far
  2. Any chance you can export you reg file for me?
  3. Having checked regedit to find the kb888111 hotfix I noticed that the other hotfixes have subfolders under the Filelist folder but the kb888111 doesnt. Do you think that could be the source of the problem? If so what do I need to do to get those subfolders into my hotfix because everytime I install the hotfix those folders are missing and I am guessing they should be there.
  4. No I dont have a MS HDAudio device in Device Manager
  5. I have tried unpacking and then installing kb888111 manually ands i still get the error. According to regedit kb888111 is installed :/
  6. Hi all, first post Right, recently bought a new motherboard (Sapphire PURE Innovation). Had no problems getting the board installed and getting the chipset drivers installed. When I came to install the drivers for the Realtek HD Audio I was advised to install the kb888111 for XPsp2 before I installed the actual Realtek drivers. After installing the hotfix I then installed the Realtek HD Audio drivers which came on my motherboard CD. During installation I was confronted with this message "Microsoft Bus Driver should be loaded in your system before installing Realtek HD Audio driver!" I click "Ok" and then it proceeds to complete the installation of the drivers and prompts me to reboot. I reboot but have no sound. Now it is my understanding that when it means the MS Bus driver it means the kb888111 hotfix or have I got my wires crossed somewhere? Because if it is then why is it not recognising that I have already installed it. The actual Realtek drivers does install the hotfix itself. I cannot get access to Volume Control from the Start Menu as I have a "problem with your hardware" conferonting me when I do. There are no Yellow Warning signs in the Device Manager and dxdiag tells me there is no sound hardware/software installed. I am totally lost as to what I am doing wrong and I am wondering if anybody has had any experiences with this problem before and knows a solution. Upto now Sapphire and Realtek have been about as helpful as a kick in the balls. Help of any kind is greatly appreciated, and if this has been posted in the wrong section, sorry! Feel free to move it if neccesary foxeh
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