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  1. Nope. Still no luck. Could you tell me which settings are you using so I could match them with the ones I'm using ?
  2. That's my VM I'll try to disable startup programs, maybe it'll free some memory.
  3. Hi, I'd like to test Windows 7 using a virtual machine. Only problem is that my computer is old, and has only 1 GB of RAM. The minimum requirements for 7 are 512MB and the virtual machine just can't handle that (keeps crashing). I know that there's a switch option for vista that doesn't check the amount of RAM. Anything similar in 7 ?
  4. Hello, I've created an unattended installation of Windows XP using nlite 1.01 and RyanVM's updates. The installation process was a success (so far, so good). Sometimes I'd like to install the system with a Hebrew Windows MUI which transfers MOST of the windows files and GUI into Hebrew. You see, when the installation of the MUI is successful, the start menu switches to the right of the screen, all of the names changes into Hebrew and even the "start" caption changes. It seems that when I try to install the Hebrew MUI on an unattended installation, most of the files don't change into Hebrew (and some do). The start menu switches to the right, but stays in English. (attached a screenshot) Is that a familiar bug ? Am I removing something that doesn't need to be removed and causing this effect ? Any help will be helpful. [Ocp!]
  5. Hi y'all. I recently bought a webcam to use with MSN messenger. A friend of mine told me that there's a rumor that your webcam can be accessed quite easliy and basicly, people can spy on you without your knowledge. After I googled the subject it seemed that it's not as true as he thought, although a few people suggested that with the right knowledge it can be done. My question is am I protected against the "avarage hacker" (i.e the kind the doesn't posses the knowledge to hack my webcam) ? Thanks ! [Ocp!]
  6. Hello, I'm trying to slipstram Windows Media Player 10 into an unattended installation I've made using NLite. Last time I tried it worked, but now it doesn't. According to the WMP info, It should run LAST (i.e after you've finished with NLite) and so I did. I created an installation using NLite, slipstream Bashrat's drivers into my installation and then ran the WMP Slipstreamer (no error occured), yet the installation fails to install Media Player 10 and keeps version 9. Am I doing something wrong ? [Ocp!]
  7. Hello, I've created an unattended CD of Windows XP SP2 using Nlite RC3 and Bashrat's Driver packs. When windows starts it automaticly signs in as the Administrator. On a previously installed unattended CD I created, the user was determined upon what was entered at the "welcome to windows" screen. Now it doesn't have any effect at all. I'm sure it's an option I've checked on Nlite but I just can't find it. Can anyone help ? Thanks, [Ocp!]

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