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  1. Whats the best Defragmentation Software

    Indeed...check the PerfectDisk website for their latest comparison with Diskeeper 10. Having read this I wonder what's in those 40 something MB Diskeeper eats of disk space - definitely no efficent defragmenting engine but lots of fancy colors and windows style bloat. As for O&O, there exists a similar comparison which makes it look equally infantile.
  2. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    The entry for Adobe Acrobat Writer is wrong...it definitely does not depend on System Restore but on COM+ which System Restore depends on as well.
  3. The switches for KB908519 are /quiet /passive /norestart as can be read in its description. Incroyable HULK, don't just mindlessly copy the /q /n /z switches
  4. @kelsensomething Yes, and you can download that erroneous config file from the wpi site, wise man. Tell me, are you an automated-response script that always refers to the config file whenever there is some sort of problem description? Well, anyway, it occured to me that my problems might very well be due to the fact that my windows installation did not have the JavaVM included. I guess it would be too easy if that dependency would be pointed out on the website, but even that won't bring me back my wasted CD-R. However, since WPI is just colorized RunOnceEx, I don't care about it any more. So, thanks for nothing and sorry to spoil all that positive feedback WPI receives. @unxhitman at accusing me of not posting under my real name (do you have any proof whatsoever that 'husalov' is not part of my real name?) with your noobish nick. You for one are a weak person that enjoys hiding behind a pseudonyme for some strongly worded insults - and you know it. The fact that you accuse others of doing just that might fool yourself, but yourself only. Ok, more than enough said about you, lowlife...now you can go on flaming or crying in your mommy's lap, the choice is yours. I for one will not even read whatever feeble threats or insults you manage to come up with.
  5. I downloaded the latest 4.3.5 version of WPI followed all the on-site instructions (aren't that many, after all) and did no modification to any files whatsoever other than through the nice colorful hta-interface. Speaking of which, I think it's a really useful feature of that 'program' that you have to delete like 30 entries for outdated programs nobody is actually interested in. Right, I then sucessfully added my own programs and saved my changes. Next, I set up a virtual machine and started my newly created iso image. At the end of the windows installation that nice fancy colorful hta interface did pop-up as it should. Right, I clicked on install only to find myself confronted with a not-so-colorful and not-so-fancy error message stating that line 222 doesn't support 'this method'. Installation or even GUI-guided exit impossible. Well, for some reason I repeated the iso installation with the same image on a new virtual machine...and surprise! - the nice fancy colorful hta interface did not appear. However, I was delighted to see the ordinary RunOnceEx installation complete successfully. Inspired by this, i burned my ISO and did the installation for real. Well, to make it short, I was confronted with that line 222 error again. A subsequent installation did not bring up the same result as in the virtual machine however. So in the end I dumped this whole mess that calls itself post install wizard and went back to the RunOnceEx method. Less colors but it works. Period.