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  1. User accounts

    Doing everything all at once. I would like to also try with RC8. Can't seem to find a good valid download link...all the ones i see are dead, or no longer available.
  2. User accounts

    Bump again....
  3. User accounts

    I don't think I explained it correctly, but I will try to again. My goal is to rename the administrator account to my own name. In RC8, i was able to do so just by adding my name in the Administrator tab of the Unattended Setup page. Now, when I do that, nothing happens. It leaves it as default administrator. Here are the pictures from that. As you can see in the pictures, it is still labeled as Administrator. Now, when I do happen to change it in the Options page, and fill out the Unattended Setup page fully just as before, everything seems fine. Until the installation. As soon as I get to the last restart of the installation process, my computer will go to the Windows loading screen, and then immediately restart. As soon as I forget about that one part, then everything is fine again. I hope this information helps. Thank you Nuhi for your response.
  4. User accounts

    Nuhi? Help?
  5. User accounts

    I filled out that one box with my name, however, once I do that, and create a bootable iso and then install Windows. It goes through normally, until the last restart. The last restart won't even boot into Windows. It will just restart my computer after the Windows load screen. Yes, I do fill out all the details. Without that one option to rename, everything is okay. In the FullUnattended, should auto-logon be enabled? Should I fill in a name in the Administrator area?
  6. User accounts

  7. User accounts

    Over the last few days, I've been trying to figure this out, and i'm completely at a loss now on how to fix this, and get the right unattended setup working. I'm using nLite 1.0.1 Final, with Nero 6, and a Clean source of Windows XP with Service Pack 1. I managed to get all my stuff setup, just the way I like it. Integrated SP2, Drivers, and then comes time for the Unattended Setup. In RC8, I was able to get the root directory to display my name in the documents. Which is linked to the naming of the administrator account. Since 1.0 Final, that didn't work, and now in 1.0.1 it doesn't work as well. I read the guide, and saw an option for it under "Options". So, i started selecting it with that. I filled everything out again, and then under "Options", changed "Rename Admistrator Account" to my name. Cool, thought it was good. However, when it comes time to install then, after burning the ISO and such, Windows will restart. So, can anyone help with this? Am I not choosing the correct options or something? I want a completely unattended setup, where I don't have to input anything at all...but have it still display my name instead of Administrator's Documents, and such. Also, should I not be selecting FullUnattended in the options? Leave it on defaulthide when i fill out all the things??? Any help is much appreciated...
  8. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Fernando, I'm having the same problem as Zulu. I have 2 WD Caviar SE16's in RAID 0 on the nvidia controller. i've used both nlite 1.0f, and 1.0rc8, and still get the same problem. I have a legitimate copy of XP Pro, with SP1, I slipstream the network install version which has a build of 2180. Normally on machines that get SP2, it's build 2160. Could this be the problem??? Also, Safe mode doesn't work, especially when it restarts the computer after making a choice at the menu...
  9. Need help with installation...

    Quick update: RC8 did NOT work at all. Did it the same exact way as before. Same symptoms occured...
  10. Need help with installation...

    Didn't see what you said before, but you were a bit slow...lol
  11. Need help with installation...

    Someone just brought up a thread regarding the same exact issue with the 1.0F version, and SATA RAID drivers, for the ICH controller. I'm going to revert back to the RC8 version, and integrate that way. It's not like i'm going to be missing much, right?
  12. Need help with installation...

    Zulu, you are lucky. I don't even get a lovely error like you do to see exactly what it is. It might be different, but it surely looks the same. I'm using a DFI LanParty UT nForce 4 SLI-DR Expert. I'm giving this another go right now, with OEM Preinstall unchecked. Gonna see if it makes a difference. It actually might, and I hope it does.
  13. Need help with installation...

    Hi guys, I've used nLite once, and that was to make my Slipstreamed SP2 disk, along with integrating drivers, and even adding my SATA RAID stuff. Since then, I'm working on another one for a friend, who doesn't have a floppy, and would like to run RAID, as well as have a fully unattended install. I've used Fernando's guide, and it works, however, I get everything I want into the CD, burn it, and it loads and stuff, installs, and then on the last restart before it boots into the OS, it crashes. No BSOD, it just restarts the computer. Right now I'm at a loss in trying to figure this out, so any help at this point is much appreciated. I have two copies of Windows XP Pro, both are builds 1106 (SP1), and I downloaded the SP2 IT Network Install, and integrate it. It updates to version 5.1.2180. I also add in a hotfix such as the Microsoft Dual Core Hotfix, and all is well. I move onto the drivers. I have the latest package 6.86, along with the 91.31 video drivers. I continue down, and I make a bootable ISO. I do a full unattended install. I select ACPI Multiprocessor System, and fill out all the other things that are needed. I then burn with Nero, and it works...then, boom! After it's done saving settings during install, it restarts the computer. Again, please help!
  14. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    New dated download links on the homepage of a mainboard producer does not mean, that the drivers are really new.Can you give me the link to the drivers and the details of your system? http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/NF4%20RAID%20F6.ZIP
  15. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Nope, didn't figure it out. Okay, so I noticed on DFI's site that they have new RAID Driver versions available dated 1/23/06. How would I go about installing these without reformatting and integrating them for the future?