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  1. Hello, sorry of my English When one makes right click on an image in the menu one saw, And I wanted to know or this key in the base of register was. Thank you for your assistance
  2. Nlite Disables Themes Service

    I'm sorry of my English. I think that the problem come from wmploc.dll, I took version 10 of this file and very settles correctly, the problem it pren the appearance of media player 10 . Though very pretty
  3. Problem sysoc.inf

    The problem is that each time the file sysoc.inf is edity it does not function any more, and the games and msn does not settle any more . I use nlite to remove the components and rvm integrator to put addons them
  4. Hello, I'm sorry of my English I have a problem with sysoc.inf, I ulise let us addons them of ryan with a file inf. I am useful myself of rvm and when I integre a inf all is well. but when I integre several at the same time, it of install not. I do not use nlite, and the plays of xp do not settle any more because they pass by sysoc.inf. and what I does not understand, it is that movies maker also passes by sysoc.inf and him it settle How I can solve my problem please Thank you in advance
  5. Nothing turns badly. What I seek it is integrate maxthon in I386 the file I compressed them as that Maxthon.ex _ then it is necessary that I make a file inf so that that install like Internet explorer to be explored which him install by the file shell.inf. I have almost reussi but it is the short cut which I do not to arrive has to make install in menu start\program, and the variable are not the same one only on the winnit.sif file:( . (Rien ne tourne mal. Ce que je cherche c'est integrer maxthon dans I386 les fichier. Je les ai compressé comme cela Maxthon.ex_ ensuite il faut que je fasse un fichier inf, pour que cela s'install comme internet explorer qui lui s'install par le fichier shell.inf. J'ai presque reussi mais c'est le raccourci que je n'arrive pas à faire à installer dans le menu demarrer\programme, et les variable ne sont pas les meme que sur le fichier winnit.sif . )
  6. This method is the premiere that I used Of aillor I still make use of it for my key of register. Cette methode est la premiere que j'ai utilisé D'ailleur je m'en sers encore pour mes clé de registre.
  7. I thank you for your assistance and these method I know them. I think that I was badly made include/understand I found the file in the I386 file which launches the inf for installation of program it is syssetup.inf and syssoc.inf with layout.inf but I did not understand too much because that especially has me the air to be a little complicated that I must make a special inf for maxthon. I think that for the moment I will keep the method of ryan Thank you has you. But I am always has your provision for any method which you will find thank you
  8. I do not want to use file oem . I am explained. With for example Internet explorer. When one install xp one that that is finished Internet exploring is in in a file c:\programm files\internet explorer. When one looks in the I386 file of Cd all the corresponding file are compressed. Me I want to make the same thing with Maxthon. I taken all the files of maxthon which I compressed and which I put in the I386 file now I would like that once the finished install it is in programm files. I know that it must have a file has editer but which inf or other.
  9. Hello, Afflicted my English. Veiled I would like integrer in the file I386 maxthon (or another program), and I wanted to know which was the file has to modify in this file so that my files settle in good the files. and I do not want to use a file oem, I know that that is possible but I do not find the solution. Is this file ini or inf has editer Thank you for your assistance