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  1. Thanks for assistance .... I went to win98.cab used winrar to open/view extract netcpl.cpl to folder go to windows/system rename existing netcpl.cpl to netcpl.old move new netcpl.cpl into windows/system reboot PC ...... still have problem ..... when I select the desired network adapter then try to add protocol tcp/ip , the ADD does not work .... Im starting to think a system registry must be corrupted ..... Thanks, Gary
  2. Any Updates ? Ideas ?? Thanks, GR
  3. Thanks for the reply .... [1001.SYS build 1.00.0903.2001]: is the driver Im using that I downloaded. The driver seems ok as the Network adapter shows up in Device Manager and Control Panel/Network ... The problem is that I cant add TCP/IP to that network adapter ..... The ADD button doesnt do anything .. Therefore I am stuck and cannot complete Network adapter install. Still unable to contact Siemens tech support due to their limited hours. Peace, GR
  4. What Kind Of Pc You Running 98se On?

    Laptop: Gateway SOLO 9300 CX PIII - 750Mhz Max RAM = 544Mb 12Gb HD 15" Screen TV-OUT CD/DVD (Read Only)
  5. Currently I am using PCMCIA-Ethernet Adapter card to use cable modem/service. I have a need to use Siemens SpeedStream 1001 USB-Ethernet Adapter which is not working now after install. See signature for my PC profile. During the install of the USB-Ethernet Adapter from its CD I noticed a file from the C:drive was not found ..."svrapi.dll". This may be the cause of the USB adapter not working. I contacted cable company who checked a few things and concluded after checking winipcfg, that the TCP/IP settings for the USB adapter was missing. The device did not show up in the drop down box of winipcfg. I am also unable to ADD TCP/IP for the USB-EThernet device ... Appreciate any help Peace, GR
  6. Hello All, Warm Greetings from Sunny South Florida, West Palm Beach.... I am running Windows 98 SE on a laptop Gateway SOLO 9300 CX with 544MB (RAM), 12GB HD ...., CD (read only), DVD (read only) I am trying to extend the life of this laptop as I wait for VISTA to arrive and mature before buying another laptop. Ive heard that VISTA may hit mainstream in 2007. Glad to be aboard as I have learned the benefits of forums. Peace, GR