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  1. Multiple Hotmail accounts inOutlook 2002

    Many thanks... I suspected that it wouldn't be possible.....but had hoped that I had missed something and people on this forum knew of a way Windows Live Mail has also been suggested to me by a friend......So I'll give that a whirl and see if that will help. Thanks again
  2. Hi one and all... Forgive me if this isn't the right area to post this question (feel free to move this topic) .... but can anyone tell me how to get Outlook 2002 to receive messages from multiple Hotmail addresses?? I have 3 accounts in which I'd like to collect messages from and have setup the accounts the same as each other but get an error message on two of them saying "Inbox Synchronizing Headers. reported error (0x800CCCF6) An unknown error has occured. Please save any existing work and restart the program" I am able to receive messages from one of the accounts and am wondering now if Outlook only allows one Hotmail address at a time? If anyone can advise me on this then I will be most grateful
  3. Annoying Network problem

    Hi one and all...... Just wonna thank everyone for there suggestions & advice on my networking problem. I am extremely grateful to you all. I have finally cracked it and turns out it was my firewall that was causing the problem.... no hardware fault.... no config prob.... just plain and simple firewall blocking. I just knew it would turn out to be something simple. Once again.....Many thanks. Varadero125
  4. Annoying Network problem

    Hi Ghostrider... Thanks for the reply. Everything you mention is present and correct on the 98 pc..... but it still will not recognise the home network or any shared files on both pc's. XP pc is fine and sees both pc's and their shared files. I have tried the ping test again and the 98 pc only pings itself and not the router or the XP pc. The XP is fine on all 3 tests. I am still at a lose as to why this is happening.....could it possibly be a hardware fault?? or is it more likely to be another configuration problem?? I have tried swapping cables around but this makes no difference either way. Many thanks Varadero125
  5. Annoying Network problem

    Thanks for that eyeball.... most appreciated.....but it hasn't solved the problem .....what it has done however is show the entire network icon in Network Neighborhood on my 98 pc...... but it still cannot see my home network Another step closer though ...... Are any other suggestions?? Varadero125
  6. Annoying Network problem

    Hi Brodieman... Thanks for that. I have tried everything you said and got mixed results...... they are as follows... Yes...The router is automaticly assigning the IP address to the machines . The Ping test works....both IP address and machine name......but only on the XP machine. The 98 machine is having none of it and is "Timing Out" Again....only the XP machine will allow me view the shared files/drives by typing the IP address into the run command. The 98 machine doesn't do anything.....it justs sits there....thinking about it I've tried the GPEDIT.MSC on the XP machine but it doesn't find it?? Its says it cannot find the file..... Varadero125
  7. Hi one and all… I hope you can point me in the right direction with my problem as I’m in danger of losing all my hair through sheer stress Knowing my luck with pc’s its probably something simple but it has me at a lose at the mo….so if anyone can suggest any ideas were to look and etc ….I will be extremely grateful. I am trying to set up a basic home network with two pc’s..…with the hope off adding a third…once everything is up and running. At the moment I simply wish to set up a network between my main pc (which is running XP SP1) and an old base unit in which I wish to use as a glorified MP3 player. This unit is running 98 SE and is far too steam driven to upgrade to XP The problem I have is that the old base unit doesn’t detect any shared folders/drives etc when both pc’s are up and running. I look in Network Neighbourhood and it doesn’t show anything….not even Entire Network. Yet my main pc can see the shared files on both computers. Just to confuse the situation further…when I switch off the main pc and just have the old unit running ….only then can it detect the shared files on its own drives and even the name of my home network. I simply cannot figure out what is preventing the base unit from seeing the network and files when both pc’s are running?? And I have no idea which pc has the problem?? I’m using a Belkin wireless router that acts as the hub for the two pc’s and also provides wireless internet access for the third pc I mentioned earlier. Each pc has only one NIC installed and this system work perfectly in terms of accessing the internet (Including the old base unit), I think I have included as much info as I can…..please let me know if you require any more. Many thanks…. Varadero125 B)