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  1. How much space are you using for all these installs? If an xp install is 500mb, and you have xp home and xp pro on the stick, are you using up 1gb of space? Or does this create a stick similar to those isos, and take up 500+changes between the two sources (~510mb) and like jaclaz suggested in the beginning? It'd be nice to create a stick that could set up different versions of xp as necessary, but work similarly to those 9 in 1's giving it a relatively small footprint.
  2. Thanks i will try puppy linux out (i see the command in menu.lst) and then see if backtrack can do the same ... though i don't think it can since it only has ntfs read support (puppy has read/write according to the menu.lst entry) Update: so puppy linux worked fine, but definitely is missing too many features as compared to backtrack tried booting backtrack and it started successfully, but the ntfs read/write support isn't as good i guess since it started stalling after a while -- will need to fool around with it some more thanks for your help
  3. I used my usb drive to install xp w sp3 using the usb_multiboot tool so thank you for that! however, I was wondering if there is anyway to multiboot with backtrack as well. i have a 4gb usb so my only options for formatting are fat32 and ntfs -- but fat32 has the problem of being very slow in installing xp -- on the other hand, i dont think i can boot syslinux or backtrack from an ntfs formatted disk is there anyway to create two partitions on the flash drive and have my ntfs formatted xp install run from the second partition? how would i set up the bootloader to do this, while keeping the usb drive recognized as a usb removable, and not a usb fixed drive. basically i want: partition 1 - fat32 - backtrack usb - 3.0gb partition 2 - ntfs - xp w sp3 install - 1.0gb (or less) and when I plug the drive into an xp computer, only the first partition will show (since xp can't show multi-parititioned usb sticks); however when I boot off the stick, I can still run the install. is this feasible/possible?
  4. where in the timeline of the boot process would i install/use the scripts?
  5. Is there any way to create a UA cd which has the "microsoft shared computer toolkit" installed and ready to go? I've created a config that I like and would like to deploy over 20 computers -- it would be much easier if I could just install on each computer off a UA cd instead of configuring every single time. also the computers are all different makes and builds (sony, dell, laptop, desktop, etc), so using Ghost or something like that wouldn't work too well. I was wondering if I could create a UA cd with all the configurations for the shared computer toolkit included, so right after install it would be usable (or require minimum config). Thanks
  6. I have this same problem. I have a ghost image that I can reimage my computer from to restore standby functionality ... but I noticed that after I connect to the internet I can't resume from standby. any suggestions on how to go about attacking the problem?
  7. thanks for the responses with regard to comments about the hotfixes: -nlite does not allow the .net hotfix to be installed (ndp1.0sp3) -the windows media center RU2 has issues with installing all aspects of the fix (according to this forum) - since it requires .net to be installed - the rest of the fixes are MCE related i dont have a network to do network shares off, so it has to be on a dvd currenlty all my installs run off the cd (with wpi) do any of you copy the installs onto the hd first and then have wpi install off there -- is this faster? with regard to the install win xp in 15 minutes comment - which components did you remove to cut the time down so much (more than 50%) thanks again for your time
  8. i've been a member of the forums for a while, but this is my first post started thinking about a UA cd a long time ago but never actually made one spent some time these last three days and put one together, this forum was great for learning how to do it and putting everything together my main question is whether i can speed up my overall install time in any way and if so how right now, most of the programs are compressed and take up 2.2gb; was wondering if the setup would go faster if files were uncompressed on dvd - might as well use the whole dvd i want to install all the programs (listed below); currenlty they are being installed off the dvd; is it faster to copy to hd first and then install of hd? right now i'm using an iso so ihaven't factored in the dvd read time also i was wondeirng if there is any way to integrate the 5 microsoft patches into the windows install i couldn't find anything on kb887998 in the forums i know some work was being done on getting 900325 to integrate but some parts needed .net first - has there been any progress on getting around that? any other suggestions/improvements to my cd are welcome thanks for reading config: windows mce 2005 with sp2 is the base install i'm using wpi 4.3.5 to do the silent installs program list: .net framework 1.1 .net framework 2.0 AIM 5.9 w/Ad Hack Acrobat 7.0 Photoshop Copernic Desktop Search Crap Cleaner DVD Idle Pro DVD Shrink Diskeeper Expertool FFdShow Flashget Gmail Notifier KCEasy 1.6 Konfabulator 3.0 Limewire MSN Messenger 7.5 Java VM Build 3810 Java 5.0.6 Firefox 1.5 w/extensions integrated Thunderbird 1.5 MyMovies 1.55 Nero 6.6 Nvu 1.0 Office 2003 Pro w/sp2 integrated Real Alt 1.46 Quicktime Alt 1.68 Spybot 1.4 & Spyware blaster 3.51 ultraiso vlc player 8.4a winrar 3.51 itunes 6 nvidia purevideo dvd codecs and all hotfixes integrated except: ndp1.0spe (kb887998) MCE RU2 (kb900325) kb900930 kb908250 wmcsetup (win media connect 2.0?)