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  1. Great News: I created AIO CD (Office Pro, Frontpage, Visio, Project and MUI Arabic). Note that Office Pro contains (Access, Frontpage, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, InfoPath, Onenote, Outlook, Publisher) with SP2 for all of them. The CD size 640MB and down to 596MB if using CDIMAGE (-o) option to optimize duplicate files B) - 1st I compared the contents of the Office 2003 Pro CD with both the contents of Visio 2003 and Project 2003 and MUI Arabic CD. I found many common files including cabs on all these CDs. - I moved the contents of them to their corresponding common folder with a unique change: renaming the "setup.exe" and its corresponding ".ini" file in \Files\Setup folder. For Example setupvis.exe and setupvis.ini for Visio instead of setup.exe and setup.ini (just not to conflict each setup of them) - I downloaded the latest "setup.exe" from microsoft website and replaced each "setup???.exe" file by the new downloaded file. - I had to leave one copy of the original "setup.exe" as it's used during this guide - I've got an oringinal AIO CD without any SP or hotfix for it with a total size of 649 MB. - I followed the guide of Marek722 to end up with the above result. - I made the same test after including my "*.mst" files and end up also with a positive result. - I checked for the updates on the microsoft website for all the installed applications: I just found these 2 hotfixes not installed: * Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB907492) * Update for Office 2003 (KB907417) and this is obviously true as these 2 hotfixes were not included in the SP2 release. I'm planning to integrate them using the same method. I can assure you that this guide works properly with SP2 instead of SP1. Great work Marek722
  2. I've just finished working with this slipsteaming method. The results were great: I did it with SP2, it worked great. I did it also for MUI with SP2 and also wotked great. The size of Office has shrinked by 2 MB; the size of MUI has become bigger by 7 MB. I used the method 1 CD at a time. NB: the file "finish_slipstream.bat" worked fine with Office but failed with MUI (it deleted all the contents), so I did it manually. Great tool Marek722. Waiting for new updates from you.