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  1. BHRN

    New PC Problem

    It's up 'n runnin again Did a clean/fresh install and all went well back to normal. Many thanks to everyone who posted to help out, very much appreciated what a great forum, cheers all
  2. BHRN

    New PC Problem

    Wish I could but as I mentioned in my original post, it doesn't work.
  3. BHRN

    New PC Problem

    Hi nolookingca, I have already uninstalled avg when the problem started but that wasn't it. I have bitdefender, avg and zonealarm plus Ewido running for more than a year on 2 other computers with no problems at all, infact they complement each other very well and are a great combination. The first thing I did was to try another mouse but that also didn't make any difference Hello ^_^, checked the board very well and I can't see or smell anything unusual
  4. BHRN

    New PC Problem

    Tried to do a repair and this happened: I get a Fatal Error screen-- "An error has been encountrered that prevents Setup from continuing. Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. The setup log files should contain more information." System Setup Log The signature for Windows XP Professional Upgrade is invalid. The error code is 426The serive has not been started. Fatal Error Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. The setup log files should contain more information. Don't know what to do, can you please help me.
  5. BHRN

    New PC Problem

    Hi dirtwarrior, thanks for the reply. Please bear with me as I'm a bit of a newb to all this, what is the correct way of reinstalling xp, I have 2 xp CDs that came with it, one says OEM Preinstallation Kit and the other is a copper/gold CD are they both needed and what is the proper procedure for reinstalling please. Thanks again
  6. BHRN

    New PC Problem

    My first post and a cry for help to all you kind soles out there. Received my new pc after ordering it from the U.S.A. assembeled from parts I ordered by a friend out there.ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe, Intel Pentium 4 660, OCZ memory 2GB Gold. Ran fine when I first got it a few days ago with only XP Pro SP2 on it. I started by loading AVG on it and Ashampoo Uninstaller, ZoneAlarm then Bitdefender Pro and Ewido. Did an update from MS. Things started going bad when I booted the pc the next day, it slowed down getting the welcome screen that hanged for a couple of minutes the mouse pointer froze and could only get it going again by unplugging it from the usb port and reconnecting it (have to do this everytime to get it to work now). After the welcome screen I only get the desktop background with no icons, it hangs for a while then the icons appear and only some of the icons on the right side of the taskbar appear at first then after a few minutes the rest struggle to show. The speaker icon has gone, went to "sounds and audio properties" and all is greyed out so I couldn't do much there. Not much that I can do in general realy, system restore, defrag and most other utilities don't function, I can't install new programs. Ran a scan with BitDefender and Ewido but nothing found, tried Ewido in safe mode also and no luck however BitDefender refused to run in safe mode. I am no computer expert and would very much appreciate any help and guidance in sorting this machine out.

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