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  1. Is there a way of having a registry key to run once for all users, e.g. every time a user logs onto a pc for the first time it runs a batch file? fred bloggs logs in, a batch file runs and the next time he logs in it doesnt kick in again, john smith logs in on the same computer for the first time and it kicks in the run once to run the batch file? Cheers superblades
  2. Hi ive tried installing RealVNC silently, if i run it from run it installs fine if i try and do it through a batch file i get invalid switch. ive tried with inverted commas and without but to no joy, what am i doing wrong? @ECHO Installing RealVNC start /wait "t:\laptop installation\vnc\vnc.exe" /silent @ECHO Installing Password "\\headofficedc\it\laptop installation\vnc\vncremotepass.reg" Also does anyone know how to automatically add the reg file to the registry without having it prompt the user? Thanks superblades
  3. Im wanting to create an unattended slipstreamed windows xp cd that will let you select which domain you want to use before running setup e.g. @rem SetupMgrTag @echo off rem rem This is a SAMPLE batch script generated by the Setup Manager Wizard. rem If this script is moved from the location where it was generated, it may have to be modified. rem @ECHO off cls :start ECHO. ECHO 1. domain1 ECHO 2. domain2 ECHO 3. domain3 ECHO 4. domain4 ECHO 5. domain5 ECHO 6. domain6 ECHO 7. domain7 set choice= set /p choice=Type the Number to select domain if not '%choice%'=='' set choice=%choice:~0,1% if '
  4. Its OCR testing software for candidates to take exams on a laptop, as far as i know it is encrytped, (right clicking on the shortcut brings a target path of c:\program files\i-assess\ocr\bin30\ocr.exe(then a long hexadecimal number) i want windows to install unattended, and prompt me to choose which user to logon onto which domain and then install this software, this software is only 150mb but it installs 15000! files so it takes a considerable amount of time. i know the ocr testing software has a silent switch and i can get it to install like that no problem, its just that i need help on how
  5. I work for a co. that has 7 different domains and multiple users, when a user leaves and returns their laptop say i want to be able to reinstall win xp and log the new domain user account in and install some software, the reason for this is that the software we use is profile specific and so if i install it under administrator it wont work under the user account, it has to be installed under that user account e.g. windows reinstalls, (batch file possibly asking for which domain to connect to and which user to log on?) logs newly created fred.bloggs domain account from domain1 in once windows h
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