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  1. I'm new user of Bartpe & am able to make partitions on the host available on the LAN("share root of all drives") option when starting the GUI network support in Bartpe, but can't access shared partitions on the LAN from the host runninng Bartpe----Is there a service I need to start? net start....?--------Any guidance in this greatly appreciated--thx in advance
  2. how to start setup on network share

    Thx for response, I can say that apparently my network install went quite well as MBSA reports all of the HFS folders contents present on the new installs--pretty sure I didn't slip DirectX 9 in the 2000 pkg, guess I'm lucky---u guys are doin some great stuff, VERY interesting & seems to work like a charm-- I'm studying the IE or not thing, but really like Mozilla, open source. even linux, wish my BartPE diskpart would work though, hope it does on my next CD, I need to get the plug-ins together 1st----cheers & have a great one!
  3. how to start setup on network share

    Thx for reply & for the great work u're doing! Yes I see what u mean after re-reading the "HFSLIP Instruct's.rtf: It is only for use by those who install from a CD!" I guess what I don't understand is what exactly is a "Distribution Share," clearly stated as one of the options on the page for XP as well as 2K: "This process details how to create a CDROM or distribution share." Also,forgot to mention that, per the directions in "ERROR_REPORT.TXT," I did want to include "hfnetchk log" but found "MBSA' instead--it's all pretty new to me, very interesting, & very useful for deploying an OS----I'm still working on it, & hope to post soething more intelligent & perhaps helpful to thers---thx again & keep up the great work!
  4. I deployed 2 HFSLIP installs, 1 2K & 2 XP, with apparent success according to MBSA scans on both machines but I had 2 problems, the 1st being there was no setup with the root files in SOURCE(instructions say to copy 3 for XP: WIN51, WIN51IP, & Win51ip.sp2; & 2K: CDROM_IP.5, CDROM_NT.5, and cdromsp4.tst; I assumed that in order to ensure that the slipstreamed files in OURCESS were used instead of the slipstreamed files in SOURCE I needed to run setup from the SOURCESS directory so I put my root files & ran setup from SOURCESS After adding setup.exe from the WindowsCD root, The 1st errors I receive are that SP2.cab is missing & in fact it was not present in SOURCESS, so I copied it from SOURCE's i386, the one with the original slipstreamed files(SP4 for 2K & SP2 for XP) Thx for reading this any guidance greatly appreciated-----how does one deploy an HFSLIP package?
  5. Introduce myself

    referred by the error_report.txt in HFSLIP--ran fine for me as far as building the HFSLIP tree w/subdirectories & I think this went well but my question is how to execute the share, installing over LAN--my 1st question was how to start setup as there was no setup.exe mentioned in the instructions or present in SOURCE or SOURCESS------INSTRUCTIONS say "copy root files the Windows CD to D:\HFSLIP\SOURCE ----I assumed that setup.exe also needed to be copied to Sourcess, setup begins but stalls at SP2.cab "missing" SP2.cab IS missing from my SOURCESS both for 2K & XP as I tried this twice with the same result--very grateful for any guidance on this---thx,