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  1. Questions about WinPE

    Shouldn't as drive letters are not captured with the image, only files, as WIM's are file based and not sector based, any hard drive/partition with enough space will work. Also you can reassign drive letters with Diskpart, to make any partition C: again. Hope this helps.
  2. Would a USB floppy drive be out of your reach?
  3. Phil, Why are you doing this it is unnecessary? Second notice how you used the X64 image? This is where the computer gets confused, because you are using a 64-Bit Discover Image to deploy a 32-Bit version of windows, the computer doesn't like this. So to fixing your problem "should" be easy. First -Delete all your boot images -Add the x86 Windows Server 2008 or vista boot.wim using the wizard in WDS (do not export these images, just point the wizard to the boot.wim file "D:\sources\boot.im" where D: is your dvd drive or mounted ISO) -Name this boot image Windows Server(or Vista) Setup x86 -Create a Capture image from this image -Create a Discover image off this file. And you should be good to go. Hope this helps.
  4. Ok, heres my guide if I sound like an a** during some parts please forgive me, as its after 2am here. Do all this from scratch to prevent errors and only use x86 stuff VM's are 32-bit ONLY (yes its a B!$ but humor me) I have this all setup in a DOC with pictures and all but it has company info, because its for my co-workers in IT and I need to strip all that and then I'll post it, it takes time. Give me a break I'm only 17 Ok to start you will need: 2x Servers I perfer 2008 but 2003 SP2 (can be R2) works fine (NOT ON VIRTUAL SERVER for now at least, I'm testing it) 1x VM for Capture and Deploy (NOT ON VIRTUAL SERVER) 1x Windows Server 2008 "boot.wim" 1x WinPE 2.0 from WAIK "winpe.wim" Options: Create Three vm's on a single machine with enough RAM for all 2x Windows Server 2003 "128MB Ram"x2 = 256mb 1x Windows Test Machine that can run Windows Server 2008 Boot Image (Made from 2008 boot.wim, Windows 2008 setup requires 512mb) ""512mb RAM"x1 = 512mb 256+512=768 Total RAM + HOSTRAM(512mb?) = 1.28(1.5) GB (Recommended 2GIG) OR Create WDS Server andor Domain Controller andor Client(Widows XP) on physical machines OR(not tested) Create the two server on VS but have client on a DIFFERENT physical machine, VM or spare laptop or something. Note: I have not tested running the DC and WDS Build Server on VS I can't say it'll work, yet. WDS Will NOT Work fast or sometime at all when all three, especially the client are VS's on VS, plain and simple (90 minute waits), trust me on that one I've spent days at work trying to figure that BS out, finally I gave up, its to easy to get around, get a 6715b, i.e a decent laptop or desktop. Throw 3gigs of ram in it and install VC2007, done. Step One: Create first server (1), name it 2003AD or something that references that it is an Domain Controller Install Active directory name domain "WDS.Test" Set static IP Set static DNS Crap Install DHCP Add scope call it "WDS Test" Scope range Activate scope Restart, login Create new Domain Admin, pick fancy name (oh, and set a **** password, a good one) Return server to logon screen, its done, set and forget. Step Two: Create second server (2) Name it 2003BS (Build Server) Boot Login with new Domain Admin Set IP Add to "WDS.Test" Domain Install WDS Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs>AddRemove Windows Components>WDS Restart Login with fancy new Domain Admin Watch Stargate-SG1 And Atlantis Go to WDS MMC Start>Admin Tools>WDS Right-Click>Configure Server Respond to all, uncheck add image now Finish Add Windows Server 2008 boot.wim *disable this as its useless alone* Add Windows PE boot.wim from WAIK Right-Click on vista PE and click "Create Capture Boot Image" Right-Click on Windows Server 2008 Setup and click "Create Discover Image" Step Three: Create Windows XP VM Install Windows Sysprep it Reboot Step Four: Boot WinXP VM off network Select Capture Image Follow prompts Save image to a local drive (this must be done) then click the check box to upload it to the WDS server. Type the server name (2003BS) and click connect it will change the name to one with the full dns tag. (2003BS.wds.test) Name image Windows XP Syspreped, click next, and wait. Turn off when done Step Five: Optional as windows setup has options for this, but I know how to use diskpart to a "T" and I show it. Boot WinXP VM off network Select WinPE Image tyoe "diskpart" at prompt then "Select disk 0" then "clean" "create partition primary" "select partition 1" "assign letter=C" "format fs=ntfs quick" (DO NOT forget the "quick") "active" (Don't forget this as windows won't boot without it) "exit" "exit" (not a typo VM will restart) Step Six: Boot WinXP VM off network Select Discover Image Follow Prompts User= WDSFancy name admin password Select Windows XP Syspreped image Follow prompts (format drive) it will reboot when done Step Seven: Your done transfer all settings into real world environments, using you own server names, domain servername, etc. Step Eight: I'm F@#$%*! done its 3:30am now, an hour and a half not bad. Please list all problems I want to hear them, this should work, and I really hope it helps you. p.s i know the picture is wrong, but its all i had.
  5. Ok, I forgot to add something that should be general practice for all. What you will need. Windows Server 2008 Server Beta 3 or Windows Vista DVD (any edition) More specific you will need the "boot.wim" found in the DVD of Windows Server 2008 or Vista, under the "sources" folder. The Windows Server 2008 boot.wim is better because: a. It can be made into a Discover Image b. It contains "multicasting" binaries, which come in handy when using WDS under 2008 as 2008's WDS has a handy Multicast feature for deploying Install Images. (Vista boot.wim "6.0.6000" does not. 2008 is version "6.0.6001") What you need to do is download the Windows Server 2008 Beta DVD iso. Or Vista DVD\ISO -Add the boot.wim to your Boot Images (note: this is not a fully functional WinPE environment, keep your Windows Vista PE, that you made using the WAIK active under Boot Images) -Name it something, the default is fine, but "Disable" it by right-clicking and selecting "Disable" -Create a "Discover" image from this (You do not need to recreate your "Capture Image" thats fine if it already works) -Refresh your WDS Server You shouldn't receive any errors while creating a Discover Image using the boot.wim from the Windows 2008 or Vista install media. Both of these contain the "Setup" components needed to deploy an Install Image. Your final Boot List that your WDS Server displays to you should be: [image] - (From what source) -Windows Vista PE - (WinPE 2.0 from WAIK) -"Capture Image" - (WinPE 2.0 from WAIK or 2008\Vista boot.wim) -"Discover Image" - (Window 2008\Vista install media ONLY) Hope this works for you, as it has worked many times for me. Post any errors or problems and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. But you shouldn't have any problems doing things this way.
  6. Found the problem right there. When you created your "Capture Image" you right clicked on the Vista PE image and selected "Create Capture Image". That worked for Capturing, but what you need for deployment of an install image is a "Discover Image", which can be created by going into your "Boot Images" folder and right clicking the Vista PE image, and selecting "Create Discover Image". The Discover Image needs to be added to the PXE server or burned to a CD. Then when you boot off the network (F12) select the Discover Image instead of the standard "Vista PE", select your newly created "Discover Image" and follow the prompts when it loads. That should work for you, when you get the Discover Image booted, it will ask for credentials to login to your WDS server. Enter a Domain Admin in standard domain\username format, then the wizard will give you a list of images that can be installed, the same list that is under "Install Images" in your WDS server MMC. Hope that helps. For reference: Capture Image: is a image used to "Capture" a syspreped image to a WDS server. Discover Image:is a image used to "Deploy" a syspreped image from a WDS server. [(MS) should of called it a "Deploy Image".]