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    For me, FORMAT is working 100% fine. First I use the DISKPART to clean the HD, create the partitions that I need (the size of FAT32 partition is < 32GB) and assign letters. So I call the FORMAT C: /FS:FAT32 /Q /V:TEST /X But.... when I call CONVERT, I receive the message that I posted before...... Very weird.
  2. WinPE 1.5 x VIsual Basic 6.0 x Pictures

    I already did that. I figured out that it works when I try to load a BMP file. The problem seens be just with JPG and GIF files. I think that this control has some dependencies that are not in Winpe image. For now.... I have a workaround converting my images to BMP. I will try research more about that later. However, thanks a lot for your feedback. O. Villa

    Hi, Has anyone used CONVERT.EXE under WINPE? I am trying to use this utility to convert a partition from FAT32 to NTFS but I got the following error: "CONVERT is not available for FAT32 drivers" BTW, I am using a WINPE 2005 (generated using the Windows 2003 SP1) Any suggestion will be very very very welcone. Regards, O. Villa
  4. Hi, Ok.... definitely I´m walking in circles and I´m lost. I did a bootable WinPE (based on Windows 2003 SP1) and I am trying to run a VB project. Everything runs fine... but when I put a picture on the project form I got a "unexpect error" when I try to run the progran booting from CD. I alreday tried to install a ramdrive (I am using the Microsoft version) and I configured the TEMP and TMP environment variables to point the ramdrv unit. However.... I got always the same error. I am running my app from a directory where I have also the runtime files. Ok guys.... WHAT I AM DOING WRONG HERE! HELLLLLLLLLLP Is it possible run this project from a hard disk where I installed the same WinPE boot.... so I know that must be possible run the same app booting from the CD + ramdrive. What am I not setting correctly? Any help will very very very welcome! O.Villa
  5. .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack

    Ok... is it possible to install silently .Net running the SETUP.EXE that we can find in the Windows XP CD at DOTNETFX folder? I tried to use the sintax setup.exe /unattendfile silent.ini (we can build the silent.ini running setup.exe /createunattendfile silent.ini) but I have an extra boot after the .Net and Service Pack are installed. Suggestions? O.Villa PS: Notice that I am trying to use the original files of Windows XP SP2 CD....
  6. Sirs, The link http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;EN-US;Q305184 could be usefull. You will need a DDK compiler to change the code but it is pretty easy! The DEVCON is name dependant and I already found some units that a couldn´t identify. The ENUMCD worked fine for each DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-RW, COMBO or DVD-RW that I already tested. Best Regards O. Villa