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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    k (mmmmkayyyyy)... made one. kinda quick and dirty, but it works. I still don't understand why they don't make it possible to install the package separately. whatever.
  2. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Err... uh... I only have two SATA-I drives, setup as RAID1. I've already got the drivers installed. That was #1 on the priority list, as I don't have a floppy drive installed on this box. Now I'm trying to add all the other junk and give it a few tweaks. The NVIDIA installer dumps mediashield on when you load the "storage driver". Ofcourse I speak of nforce4... something that has the raid controller onboard... NVIDIA\nForce4_amd_6.70_winxp2k_english\IDE\WinXP\raidtool In other words, no option via nvidia installer to choose that or not. Ends up in the program files dir, AFAIK. Listed in the NVIDIA program group. I can probably come up with an installer on my own given enough time, but was hoping to throw it on a disk before it goes out the door. As I said before, kinda new to making custom windows disks. More of a linux kind of person. Still having to figure out how to get all the installers already built, to work correctly for me using RunOnceEx. An MSI for this would be great, but if it don't exist yet, it don't exist. It runs without any registry changes, right out of the dir, so I suspect it won't be too hard to make *something* work...
  3. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    So... has anyone made an install package for mediashield? I've haven't had any problems with driver integration, but hate having to reinstall drivers just for mediashield... I'm new to this hacking up windoze thing... anyone? Actually, it was the need to have the nvidia drivers preinstalled that led me to nLite... I'll even share my first mistake that had my head spinning around and around... %OEM% vs $OEM$... I won't even say how long it took me to see that... So... anyone got that mediashield package? I really need to be boxing this thing up by Monday... heh.
  4. TCP/IP Stacks Restrict Download Speed?

    Could be a painful wait! ROTFL Took forever... shoulda known better... now I feel like a rooky. Guess it happens... So... um... there's this high $ equipment out there selling under the brand name "Linksys"... and, uh... they say their hubs support full duplex, and... now I know you *still* get what you pay for. That would be the 10/100 5-port hub, model# NH1005.V2. Heh... yup, it does support full duplex... got all my crap to link, send and receive.... with just a few errors. I didn't check out all the various scenarios- one set for full duplex, one not, swapping the two- however, it would seem I end up with many checksum errors and retransmits on the receive side... I'd have to spend more time checking this out to better know what the scoop is. See what happens when you buy your junk at wally-world because you need something *right now*, and then take it at face value that stuff is going to work as advertized? I thought it sounded a little far-fetched, but hey- I don't keep up with *everything*. Heh... My transfers are about 85Mb using pcattcp as the test.
  5. TCP/IP Stacks Restrict Download Speed?

    wtf(!) I'm ready to pull my hair out. Just did (yet another) clean install, but somethin' aint right. Been working on an unattended install, using nLite... SP2 slipstreamed, hotfixes, coupla registry tweaks, a few patched dll's... Lotsa s***e changed (over and over again), but not so much between my last test build and this one. I just changed up to nLite 1.0 RC2 (from RC1), and I think that was it... aside from adding a WGA dll... anyway... the freaking network throughput sux rocks! And I'm not figuring out why or what to do about it. I can DL files off the internet faster than I can on the LAN! WTF is up with that?!?! Less than 1%... we're talking about an average of around 30KB on the LAN, using sftp. Receiving. Sending a file, easy 10Mb or better. 100Mb LAN. So messed up... Using pcattcp, I can send at about 83Mb. Sounds about right to me. Receiving is at about .75Mb. (!!!) Fark! What I don't know, obviously, is what the heck changed between my last build and this, if anything... something changed, somewhere, because I wasn't having this trouble on my last install, but golly- I wasn't keeping track of every last detail. It's an A8N-SLI with the 6.70 NVIDIA UDA. That's the drivers used for the last 2-3 builds. They seemed to work fine before. Chipset set to 100/full. Static IP. I've checked my cables, I've reinstalled, I've tried various tweaks of the tcpip stack, I've tried kicking the computer and spitting on it, as well as swearing at it, I've even threatened it. Anyway. Not that I'm truly expecting to find an answer here- but I thought I'd vent and hope that maybe, just maybe, someone might receive a premonition or something, about my problem, and be able to impart wisdom.