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  1. http://pierre-mounir.freehostia.com/
  2. Okay man, that's enough for today. Thanks for your time. TheTruth
  3. Oh, bad . Anyway, we're sure that reversing 3 consecutive chars is the right rule. Are you sure you won't get the error msg of ntkrnlos.exe if you don't make any changes? anyhow, just let's wait.
  4. @Jazkal What about reversing 4 chars. Also, make sure you don't replace "Architecture" entry in txtsetup.sif I mean replace all ocurrences except in "Architecture" and "Drivers Cache" if exist.
  5. Hello Guys, @Incroyable HULK Thanks @evilvoice Hello friend , missing you. @Jazkal Try to reverse the last 3 chars of AMD64 not the firsr ones, and let me know about your results as I'm unable to test. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on this thread looking for a better solution form a smarter one. Best regards, TheTruth http://www.geocities.com/pierremounir/
  6. Hello Guys, Actually, I came here while I was searching for a solution (in fact, a more flexible or generic solution) to the problem in regard than the one I have. But I found out that you're still looking for one, so here is my simple solution. I f you wanna replace any combination of characters like "i386" with another, the only available replacements (that won't cause the corrupt error) will be the same combination of chars but in a different order, e.g.: i386 --> i683 or i386 --> 83i6 You should notice that reording any combination arbitrarly won't work, that is, to form the new replacement combination, you should take any 3 consecutive chars and reverse them as in the examples above, you should notice that I reversed the order of the last 3 chars in the first example and reversed the order of the first 3 chars in the second example. You should take into account that I tested this solution by editing setupldr.bin of Win2K3 with SP1 to add support for multiple answer files under the "i386" folder as described in this thread. You should test it yourself by editing setupldr.bin in different ways. Of course, this way of forming the new replacement will limit the number of availble replacements but they are enough in most cases, so I hope anyone can come up with a more flexible idea (based on computed CRC for example). Best regrads, TheTruth http://www.geocities.com/pierremounir/
  7. Hello jassi, didn't know you at first, but rememberd at once from this lovely name (jassi)! Glad to see you too, a great board here but unfortunatelly, it lacks big fans and enthusiasts of WinPE. I think you turned to Linux a while ago, what's the matter now? Have a nice day. Regards, TheTruth
  8. @liulaotou2 I'm unable to contact you via e-mail. I've recieved your translations, and you can get PENetCfg v2.30 Multilanguage (Beta) at my page Please, test and give feedback. Regards, TheTruth
  9. @liulaotou2 Glad it works now. God willing. Yeah, its on my todo list, just a matter of time. My pleasure, but what is the problem with my e-mail. Try either of the following addresses: pierremounir (at) yahoo (dot) com pierremounir (at) hotmail (dot) com Regards, TheTruth
  10. @liulaotou2 Believe me, it works. Just tell me what message did you get and how you launched it, also make sure you use unmodified Winlogon.exe file. You can also go to the same link above to download PE Loader 0.2 that allows you to pass your shell to it instead of the default cmd.exe. Read the included "readme.txt" for more info. Regards, TheTruth
  11. Hi there , Well, after a long time of research, I've come up with an idea to remove resource limits (Which is 5 or 6 running processes at most) from WinPE/BartPE (LEGALLY) through a loader without patching any file (no need for the illegal Winlogon resource patch), this was required at least for me as using any patched files in WinPE is prohibited at official workplace, I'm looking forward to implementing this idea in "PE Shell Swapper" (peshell.exe) once I get some more free time, but for now I need to make sure that everything is working just as I wanted it, so I've written a small (experimental) loader that will automatically launch the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) on an empty desktop as a shell (or you can pass your shell to it), so you can test bypassing the resource limits by running as many programs as you wish form the command prompt. Actually, I managed to launch 150 instances of notepad without reaching any limit on 128 MB VMware machine with a normal (unmodified) Winlogon.exe file. Now, how can one use this loader? First, download PELoader.exe here: WinPE Tools by ThTruth (Scroll to the end of the page to get it) Second, either make PELoader your shell, or launch it like any tool from your running WinPE/BartPE session, but remember to replace your patched winlogon.exe with a normal image Notes: - Once you close the command prompt, your machine will be rebooted. - Tested only on WinXP SP1-based WinPE/BartPE, but I'm sure it'll work on all versions of Windows, God willing. - This loader is just a way to allow you to share me testing my work, and once we're all sure of it's functionality, we can come up with any ideas on how to implement it in a more useful way (making it load your favorite shell). Benefits of using PE Loader: - Legal way of removing resource limits. - 800x600 startup resolution instead of 640x480 caused by winlogon patch. - Compatibility with current and future versions (and Service Packs) of Windows (Winlogon), unless MS adds more tricks (Note: Patches work only on specific versions of Winlogon). Please, test and give feed back. Regards, TheTruth

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