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  1. I have tried to rescan the disks but it didn't help. I'm also trying to avoid doing anything to "Kick the OS awake" because I've done things like that plenty of times in the past and the OS always picks the worst moment to refuse to wake up. I think I'll wait for the hotfix.
  2. Thanks for the response. I'm in the process of contacting MS but was hoping this forum would be faster. I've seen the posts about drive letter assignments failing from scripts. But in my case, drive letter assignments work just fine. Also, this happens when entering the commands interactively and waiting for several minutes (sometimes hours) between creating the partition and attempting to mount it.
  3. I'm using WinPE 2004 but the same thing happens in at least one older version. I cannot assign an access path (mount point) to a newly created partition with diskpart. I try the following: select disk 5 create partition primary size=2000 select volume 6 assign mount=K:\mnt And get this error message: DiskPart could not assign the drive letter or mount point. Make sure the drive letter or mount point is valid. Assigning a drive letter to the partition works: select volume 6 assign letter=G Mounting an existing partition at the same point works: select volume 5 assign mount=K:\mnt If I reboot WinPe, the previously failed command now succeeds: select volume 6 assign mount=K:\mnt It seems that some discovery task occurs at boot that does not occur when the partition is created. Has anybody else seen this? Does anybody know how to fix it without a reboot? Thanks!

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