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  1. Hi! I'm searching for a "password safe", i.e. a software to store my various passwords, PINs etc. Of course, there's plenty of such stuff but I try to find a good program which runs both on my PDA (Windows Mobile) and PC and therefore uses the same database and can be editied from either PDA or PC. The only one I've found is KeePass which is for free and open-source. But its PDA-version isn't very mature yet unfortunately. Does anyone know other password-safes like Keypass? Thanks!
  2. @razormoon yes, of course, there are a couple of ways for a work-around. @ruudboek PCI\VEN_1103&DEV_0004&SUBSYS_00011103&REV_04\3&61AAA01&0&98 : HighPoint HPT3xx ATA RAID Controller
  3. Regarding the previous topic which has been closed half-cooked. The problem mentioned there is _not_ solved, actually nothing at all has changed. components WinXP, nlited with SP2; afterwards integrated driverpack base v6.03.4 and driverpack mass storage v6.03.1 among other packs problem a fatal bluescreen (0x0000007B) while installing windows and abort of the whole installation due to wrong hdd controler drivers what happens - during text mode setup all files are copied without problems onto HDD - question what partition to use for the installation appears, you can make a selection - start-up files get copied properly - PC reboots in order to enter graphic mode setup - setup is halted just a couple of seconds after reboot due to a fatal error when trying to access the hdd --> wrong RAID driver is loaded! what is annoying in case you choose to re-format the target partition all data is lost and you will not be able to boot again since there is no OS anymore the error occurs after first re-boot only, no copy errors at an earlier stage why wrong driver? The only chance to predict those fatal problems is when you are asked what partition to use for windows. There it says "rhpt" instead of the correct "hpt" for the loaded RAID driver. Funny enough copying files workes at that stage. solution For a temporary solution I refer to the link mentioned at this message's beginning - go to post #5 there.
  4. ERR | BSOD: 0x7B w/ HighPoint 370

    brilliant new methods ... ohmigod I don't really see how your funny message could help someone. Well, back to normal, nevertheless I wanted to have a working solution and just removed certain occurrences of that Rocket Raid rhpt thingy in the driverpack slipstreamer and now it works fine with Highpoint hpt. Seems that as I have told before (hpt vs. rhpt), there's a conflict between those two drivers. to cut a long story short: people having the same problem with the mass storage driverpack and the highpoint 3xx controller respectively may remove all entries dealing with rhpt in i386/dosnet.inf and i386/txtsetup.inf after having slipstreamed the pack, that's a more or less easy workaround for now.
  5. ERR | BSOD: 0x7B w/ HighPoint 370

    oh, well, but there definately is that bluescreen Erm, do you mean the base's version or the masstorage pack's version? Which one is relevant? I think it at last worked with mass v5.05.7, but I don't remember the base version I used in connection with it
  6. Protecting UACD ! -Some Insight

    Just curious but somehow not really out to read over 20 pages of thread: what's the gist out of this discussion here? somebody can tell me? thx! a summary could be interesting for others as well, no?!
  7. Hi! I'm new to these driverpacks and just downloaded them to integrate them. Now I got a bluescreen (BSOD 0x00..7B) after windows finished copying the files in textmode and before first restart in graphic mode. I've got an Highpoint HPT370 RAID controller and it has always worked liked a charm, using my former DP-free CD worked flawlessly, too. so i guess it must be related to those newly integrated DPs. When I can choose the partition where windows is going to be installed it wrongly says: rhpt... instead of hpt... I used your base 5.10.5 with dp mass pack 5.10.7 and others. Here's the matching line from that hwids.txt file: So I tried to keep track of your notices here and where. Hope it helped. Can you solve this problem???