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  1. System Restore from WinPE

    Bah. When I add the system restore info into the WinPE registry, I get the ever-lovely BSOD. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks for your replies.
  2. System Restore from WinPE

    Thanks for the tip. Now I know where the System registry is in PE, I'll try porting the whole app over again. I'll post back the results when I have them.
  3. System Restore from WinPE

    We did consider ERD 2005, but this is for company use and it's not worth paying for all the licenses at this point. Plus the copy of ERD 2003 we have destroys the profile whenever SR is used...puts all the files in the ERDUNDOCACHE folder...not sure if it is still buggy. Definately manually restoring the registry hives from a given restore point is an option, however the end result that I am shooting for is something that can be done by someone less technical following instructions; I wouldn't want to try guiding someone to replace their registry via Recovery console over the phone. The advantage of system restore for my our use is the easy interface. That's what I am trying to maintain. As for Explorer, the instructions I followed are here: http://www.911cd.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=754...since all Cubie's links for explorer on this forum are broken. The only notes with those instructions are: -rundll.exe is actually rundll32.exe -You will also need %system%\system32\gonconv.exe You will also get an "installation failed" message when starting it from the command prompt, but it works fine. Keep in mind that some stuff wont work, like certain control panel elements etc....it's mainly just for file browsing. Anyone else have any ideas with SR? Or, so I can try another angle, anyone know why WinPE doesn't have a System hive, and where the information that would normally be there is stored / configured?
  4. System Restore from WinPE

    I have been trying to figure something out for work, but I'm stumped, so I thought I would see if anyone here has any ideas. I have a full WinPE 2004 build, everything works (Network, Explorer etc). It's currently loaded on a local hard drive. What I ideal want to be able to do, is run System Restore from WinPE. I am facing an immediate challenge, and a more long term challenge. The immediate challenge is that SR relies on a service to run, and has registry entries in the System hive. I have no idea how to add services to PE (I know I can use the Net USe command to start them, but I don't know how to get them ready to be started). Some registry entries I found for SR are in the System hive, but as PE has no system hive, I was at a loss on where to put that information. The other issue I can forsee, is that even if I get SR working, how do I point it to the system I am running PE on? (I mean if I make a CD, the system the CD is booting on's native installation) I have an inkling it might be based on the machineguid entry in the registry, since SR reems to keep track of that, but I'm not sure. Anyone done anything like this before or have any ideas how I might proceed? Many thanks.