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  1. Product ID Error

    Hi, I'm having an error message (download screenshot)when installing my mod version of english windows 2000 pro. This message appears when the graphical installations starts. I'm using Fred's files, i created my modded cd with hfslip 51016 but i have never toasted a single CDR, i always try creating an ISO image and mounting it with Virtual PC. What's posible wrong with my PID? Have you ever successfully installed a modded CD in Virtual PC OS? Thanx. IDerror2.zip
  2. DTSSetup.cat error report

    Commenting out files will remove DTC, what is DTC for? is it important? Am i going to have BSOD if i do this? Thanx fdv.
  3. DTSSetup.cat error report

    I'm doing the whole process in a winxp sp2 computer, i dont see the point to post the wu.txt but here it is anyway. wu.txt
  4. DTSSetup.cat error report

    Hi, as the instructions of hfslip says i'm posting my zip file with the log and a screenshot of the error message, please read the readme.txt file inside the zip. Included is also my winnt.sif. This error appears at the beginning of the gui install after the windows logo is shown. I'm slipstreaming my codecs too, just for your knoledge. DTCSetup.cat file is giving error not the file listed in the title, sorry. If someone can help me with this one. Thanx. heinz_error.zip