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  1. It was not the hardware. T42 has an ATI display controller The problem is the driver for the ATI display controller. If the driver comes up, it allocates a block of memory. The right way is a BIOS call for this job. It gives a memory area and protects them that no one can use this. Bootix use this technology to protect the memory for the BMA client configuration. The ATI display driver doesn’t use the BIOS. It uses a fixed area and it doesn't care if the memory is protected. It overwrites our protected memory and the interrupt handler that protects the memory is hanging. There is a specific Property within Bootix to prevent this.
  2. I propably found a solution for T42. And, , if I'm right it was just exactly this notebook. It took some time but on friday I got a second T42 for testing. Yeah, no problem, Network boot worked, Installation started, and went through. Actually I'm not really sure what the reason was. I updated bios to the same version, entered the same bios settings but still had the same behaviour. Next week I try to figure out what it was. Same T42 and unattended Setup from CD and no problem. For T40 I found a solution: using smartdrv and afterwards there is enough memory available. cluberti, I tryed several ways but I'm not able to open, extract or burn the iso. No changes. Isobuster tells there are errors. And, , I'm a her
  3. Hi egil Long time ago but in 2006 I covered the same. Thanks for your solution. It works.
  4. You've done this nice thing about getting aroung the DOS network memory issue. Do you have any hints? For example about EMM386? Did you find one setting which fits most? And hints about network driver? Yes, I know I will have to figure out IDE or SATA stuff. And I'm lucky to see all the different HW configurations. But, wouldn't this be just interesting?
  5. To have more OS flexibilty, Linux for example.
  6. Hi Felix Thank you. Bu OemPreinstall is set to Yes. I tryed the same unattended OS Installation on a Thinkpad T40. There I get earlier into trouble. Within the first Part I get the message "Setup is out of memory and cannot continue." Do Thinkpad need specific and a-lot-of-memory-use Driver for DOS Network?
  7. Yes, the IBM Recovery Partition is deleted. And also on other T42 this partition is deleted. I tryed once the XP CD from Microsoft, bootet from there. And it was possible to install the OS. The unattended OS Installation is neccessary, I have to rollout this on hundereds of clients. And it will be done with bootix. But bootix is more or less just the stuff for network boot. Real OS installation will be done in the unattended way.
  8. Hello all I want to do an unattended XP installation on IBM Thinkpad T42. winnt.exe starts with an unattend.txt. First part looks fine, it copies all files to Harddisk (Windows XP Professional Setup). After the reboot you see "Windows Setup". And after the message "Setup is starting Windows" it hangs, black screen. I have to switch off and on the Notebook but it will do the same once again. Has someone experience with unattended XP Installation on IBM Thinkpad T42? I'm really happy for any support you can give! Thanks.
  9. Hi all

    Hi all The first impression was well from this forum. I hope to share a lot of knowledge about installations on Windows Clients. Especially if there are tips for my daily Marimba work. Ciao from switzerland Diana