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  1. In Windows 2003 it was possible to re-map C: to another drive letter to allow C: to be mapped to user-specific locations. I really hate these apps and if I had a choice we'd not use it but as it is a LOB application I have no choice. Windows Server 2008 offers too many benefits for us not to migrate but if C: cannot be re-mapped we're a little stuck... Can anyone offer any advice or point me in the right direction for how to do this in Windows Server 2008? Many thanks,
  2. RunOnceEx Issues

    Just checking but are you installing from an administrative installation point (using the /a switch)? I don't think I have ever tried it without an administative installation point so I'm not sure whether it'll make any difference! Probably (I don't have a copy of the necessary software): Citrix Client 10.1 ica32pkg.msi /a Office XP setup.exe /a
  3. RunOnceEx Issues

    Me too. That and I get a deep feeling of satisfaction watching those little blue bars making their way across the screen...
  4. RunOnceEx Issues

    I assume the '?s' is a typo on the post? Is that the Adobe installer that decompresses itself before installation? If so I seem to remember that once the decompression phase has finished it returns control (or it might have been dodgy script writing on my part!!). This means that when the Citrix Client installer starts to run it fails as there is already an installer running. Any subsequent .msi installers will fail until Adobe is finished. An easy way to test whether the installer is returning control too early is to run it via a script. You might find it easier to use /qb for this rather than /qn... @ECHO off cls ECHO =============================== ECHO Test Control Return ECHO =============================== %systemdrive%\apps\adobe\reader\setup.exe /S /v/qn ECHO Control returned PAUSE EXIT Or you could just re-order the list. I can't recall whether you can capture the return - I seem to recall I just extracted the msi instead.
  5. Can anyone suggest some good reading material (or even provide examples!) of how to check whether an application is already installed and/or a previous version... For example: Adobe Acrobat Reader. Is it possible to test whether the software is already installed and whether an earlier version is already installed? Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer, lamaslany
  6. ActiveSync 3.8, how 2 unattend

    I am trying, but failing, to create a script to silently install a number of applications and the first app on the list is ActiveSync 3.8. I have followed the instructions in the OP regarding the source and decompression of ActiveSync 3.8 and I am using the following command in my .cmd script: ~%dp0 expands to 'E:\Software\ActiveSync_3.8\' so the command, which I echo to the screen to confirm, is: The decompressed files were copied to the E:\Software\ActiveSync_3.8 folder and is also the folder that contains my Silent.ini - the script also runs from this folder. When the command runs the Microsoft ActiveSync Setup dialog is displayed stating that it is preparing the install shield. Once this reachs 100% a Setup error is displayed: Any ideas or suggestions as to the cause if not the solution itself? Many thanks.