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  1. Service Pack 2 for W7?

    Digitalfox, I am curious about this. Did you mean unlimited GB downloaded not unlimited bandwidth (speed)? If you really meant speed, how is this accomplished? Is the delivery via cable, fiber or what? What kinds of speeds do you actually see? Enjoy, John.Interestingly, this thread has taken some strange turns. First, sorry about my delay in answering, workaholic Of course I mean unlimited GB downloaded/uploaded, I'm on DSL, 16/1Mb. We have fiber here, my ISP provides true FTTH (Unlimited traffic, no Traffic Shaping) for +/- 50€ month for 100/20Mb (plus unlimited phone calls for homes + 140 TV (20 or 30 HD) Channels, but not in my area yet.
  2. Service Pack 2 for W7?

    wtf? What do you expect from the trolls at Fanboy central? Neowin is simply terrible and most users have no deeper knowledge. Who would ever guessed that by searching Windows 7 SP2 a quote from me would be found... Anyway. LOL, that troll would be me and fanboy? Seriously, me a iPhone and Samsung S3 owner/user, PlayStation gamer, and Fedora 17 KDE as my home File Server, and I'm a fanboy for using also Windows? You guys are quick to know and acuse a person, wow so grown up around here (even someone from the *house*) aren't we? I guess you misunderstood my post, or I made it not clear enough (reading it now do make me wonder what crap did I smoke, it doesn't make much sense), so: I was referring to the fact most KB are unavailable or well buried in MS KB database and can't be easily found and installed. So you have to wait for a SP. With Windows 8 that's not case anymore and it's a good thing. And please spare me the Windows 8 crap, I dislike it too, but that's not point here. So with the first "type of" SP for Windows 8 that was released, more hidden KB (and sooner) can be made available to the home user without requiring searching for OEM pages with those updates. Is it a true SP like in the old days? No it isn't. Look, back in NT6/2000 SP's were more important, online updates were barely usable and there were lot's of limited bandwith problems, now it's not case, for 50€ my ISP provides Triple Play (TV+Internet+Phone) with unlimited bandwith, yes completely unlimited and I'm from a country that is no where the speeds most country's now have. Now it is good to have a SP with say 2 years of updates and avoid time and bandwidth waste every time you install Windows? Yes. But nowadays not so important and even less since Microsoft doesn't bundle the last versions of it software with it, say IE9/10, Directx 11.1, etc... You still have to manually update a lot of stuff. Plus it's much harder to slispstream a SP in Windows than say 2000/XP/2003, for example you lose the option to choose edition when doing so in Vista/7 (unless you get a Technet or similiar account and grab the ISO). I hope I now make more sense and if you disagree, fine by me. PS: And thanks for the award, please send it to me, so I can put it next to my certifications.
  3. Updated Translations

  4. Sorry, have to leave it another day

    Just wanted to say, thank you W3bbo for not letting this project die.. For XP Xpize is a great tool for having a consistent GUI.. And I hope you after working on Vize, start work on 7 so it can be also like xpize, have a consistent GUI in 7
  5. What files are needed for a driver to work.

    Ok thanks So for example some drivers bring uninstall.exe, so is this required if the driver it's slipstreamed in Windows XP CD? I hope you understand where I'm going with this question.
  6. Hello. Let me try to explain first want I want to do.. I'm slipstreaming drivers in Windows XP SP3 CD using nLite.. And what I want is just that by slipstreaming those drivers I have basic driver support for some hardware.. Not those stupid control panels incorporated, sorry but many of my clients just want to plug a cable for hearing sound and don't care about choosing what kind of living room they are and equalize the sound, and if they want they can always later install that control panel.. So for a driver to work is there any need for *.exe, cpl, hlp and some other files needed? What is the files needed for a driver to work? I suppose is *.inf, *.dll *.cat *.cab *.cfg and *.sys right? Thank you