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  1. I had this problem with a Dell Inspiron e1505 , the CD I was using worked fine with a HP Compaq but when I tried installing on this Dell I got the battery Installer error. I was using XP pro SP2 and Ryans Update pack intergrated and a few other updates from ryans site. After trying a few things to fix the problem I gave up and tried an install with my original windows disc without even SP2 then downloaded over 80 updates, worked without any problems at all. Yumeyao has been doing some extensive work into the battery installer error here http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=54422#54422 Maybe one day someone will have a solution for this error. Surely it cant be that hard to identify?
  2. Internet Explorer 7

    no limitations, no downsides, straight intergrated into your windows install Also throw in Ryans update pack, .net 3.0 all in one, then use windows media player 11 slipstreamer http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4109 (I personally reccomend the tweaked version) And what you end up with is a very neat fully updated xp disc with minimal effort.
  3. Internet Explorer 7

    with flaws.... ? Are you sure thats what you meant?
  4. dot net issues

    /q dont work I just tried /q /norestart and .net 3.0 was still sitting there in windows update waiting to be installed ( Just thought maybe someone would like to know that maybe /qn" will work I dunno, thats what I`m tempted to try next anyway, if someone does know what switch to use I sure would love to know too *hint* *hint* Just tried intergrating it and it installed .net 3.0 on my machine instead, and i didnt want .net 3.0 on this machine (sigh) maybe ill try ryans all in one .net package http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4523
  5. Internet Explorer 7

    try this topic in ryans http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4289 MrnxDmX has made a very nice IE7 add on for the ryanvm intergrator, works like a charm, tried and tested Intergrates into ur windows disc No problems with runonce either You will need ryans intergrator but its an essential must have for any one looking to make unattended installs.
  6. WMC 2.0

    Proberly just writting this thread for myself now but it may interest someone, windows did tell me WMC2 was intergrated however upon testing this, windows update still shows its not installed, so now im going to go with runonce for this one. Ok im done on this topic now, promise
  7. Stars on posts

    well........ im trying not too, i know addiction forming when i see one tho..... what are the milestones btw
  8. Script Error

    ok i got to thinking about this, if im missing a reg entry surely the same thing would keep happening again and again right? where as its only happened a few times so far, and everything else is running smooth as peas. and while were beating the old dog, How did I miss a reg entry too? I mean how is it possible.....
  9. Stars on posts

    I guess this is the right place to post this.... I notice a lot of members have stars underneath their avatars, what does these symbolise?
  10. WPI help [NEEDED]

    I changed my mind After playing with WPI a bit Ive realised that it might tie in with runonce.exe kinda nicely, if it will run smoothly in a runonce set up, im sure there`s plenty of post`s on this so im going to "search" for some right now.
  11. Lost everything

    See now this is the bug i was talking about this is the 1st post ive found on it
  12. WMC 2.0

    Ahh! see I had no problems intergrating, I still havent had a chance to test my install, life keeps getting in the way!
  13. OK this may seem dumb but in "my controls" i have a recent attachemnt "WU.zip" is this supposed to be there? im pretty sure i didnt put it there. Little help please?
  14. Script Error

    I did try and find an answer by searching, honest I did maybe Im just search subjectly challenged
  15. Im tired and cant remember the error but a couple of times now ive had a nice little error box asking me if want to continue running sciripts on this page, Im sure you know what error i mean i just cant think right now, you get a small box with a yes or no answer. Invalid script maybe? Now this wouldnt be a problem except when it does happen WPI freaks out, If i havent lost the programes ive just added( the 1st few times this happened all i had was an empty background) WPI has altered all my catagories (usually dumping everything into "office" or "none" and changed the "configurations" so that every application has whatever i had configuration set to on the app i was just adding (so if it was set to yes for that app then all my apps will be set to yes) Also this error happens when I am saving what i have created too, right after ive clicked save. Any ideas?