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  1. Here's some shell extensions...

    Hello I have a problem installing HiddenToggle on to another machine when I install by exe nothing change after finish installation, then I tried install manually by putting dll in system32 folder and type "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\xxxx.dll" and i got this error says DllRegisterServer dll failed. Return code was: 0x8007007e any helps ?
  2. Hi gheron I have try that but still
  3. this's jusy annoying , Windows just ask me to choose program to open with for every file type. even i ticked at "Always use the selected program ... " next time it still ask what program to open this file. Also other icons turn into unknown icon types Does anyone know how fix this ?? thnaks a lot
  4. Here's some shell extensions...

    thank you you all. i'll try it out sometimes thanks again ^_^
  5. Here's some shell extensions...

    oh well , thanks anyway ^_^ just another qucik question , if I do reshack them can I rename those to non-English laguage ?? thanks a lot ....
  6. Here's some shell extensions...

    That's so cool , thanks a lot spiritpyre but how can i rename the menu in context eg. i want to see "Hide/ Show Hidden Files" instead of "Hidden Files Toggle" also do you know how to rename "Send to" in context (as well) thanks so much ^_^
  7. thank you i know that those came from "My pictures" folder and the other folder in 'Windows' im sorry i didn't say it clear , but my question is 'can i clear them off the list (shown in the picture) without deleting or remove the actual pictures.'
  8. i want to remove some of those pics out off the list some of them just automatically from "My pictures" folder without me adding them i've tried this but still doesn't work (dont know if i do it the right way, i just delete many of them and left out about 10 regs, but all of the wallpaper are still in the list ) thanks..