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  1. I haven't logged in for many a year, but did today so I could retrieve my lost password. While editing My Settings, a random Ads by Google popped up that I for one would appreciate not having to look at. Administrators can delete this post if they want after they've gleaned through their Google sponsor ads. Added the picture so they know which one I'm referring to. Thanks, Lisa Looks like the ad is gone. Thanks! After doing some searching, looks like could have clicked on the the link, Ads by Google, to have it reported that way.
  2. Wmi Adap Winmgmt Error

    Hi, Months later and another person (me) is having the same warning message in the applications log, and it happens whenever I restart or start the computer. I did as HTH suggested and here is what I got in the verbose detail: "Failed to initialize all required WMI classes. Win32_Processor: WMI: Invalid namespace Win32_WMISetting: WMI: Invalid namespace Security information: Successful Win32_OperatingSystem: WMI: Invalid namespace" Added info is when I went to the WMI Control [Local] Properties General tab worked, but not Logging,Backup/Restore, Security, or Advanced tabs. I've saved the information to the link you sent to that red headed alien. Any other help would be so appreciated. I've just recently updated to W2KProf. Thanks every so much, Regards, Lisa