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  1. thanks for the advice everyone.

    what I ended up doing, was setting my C: drive to "No Page File" as a temp option. Then, I set my E: drive (which was set to "No Page") to the same setting my C: was running on previously.

    I went ahead and started Nero, shrinking all my old college footage down into video files on E:

    Afterwards, not only did Nero work fine, but there was no phantom MB's floating around my C: drive. I'm fairly certain that my Paging File was behind the problem.

    When I got done with my project, I simply changed the Paging Files for each drive back to their defaults. So far, so good.

    Seems like a real pain in the neck, but I dont have much more video to transfer, so it's cool.

    Once again, thanks for the tips--

    $ coldoven $

  2. Go into the control panel, then system properties > Advanced tab > Performance Settings button > Advanced Tab > Change button. Is the "Paging File Size" listed after C:?

    Yes, the "Pagging File Size" is listed after C: it comes in at 372-744 MB. Is there something I should change about this? And if so, should it be set back to default after I'm done with my firewire drive?

    Besides the pagefile setting, you may also check the temp file folders, windows dskcleaner sometimes won't do its work cleanly. Another thing to be noted is your My document folder. If you use the default setting, then it is in your C: drive and could eat up your disk space when you put things into this folder or when your have some games using that folder.

    and your mailbox file such as .pst for outlook will also expand over time and all the default location of these things are in C:, so there's a lot to do if you want to figure out the spaceuser.

    And I'll poke around in these files too, but I dont use outlook.

    Thanks a ton guys. I appreciate your knowledge.

  3. Is your pagefile.sys on C:?

    Sorry, I'm a novice with XP, and am not sure what you mean by this. Maybe you could clarify what it means exactly.

    To add more info: I'm using DVD Shrink to create video files that I'm saving to my E: drive, but when I get done with the transfer... well, you know the rest.


  4. * Hey Hey *

    I've got a bunch of video left over from TV school and I've started to transfer my projects from their DVD's to my 40 GB external hard-drive. So far, so good.

    However, after finishing up there, I've noticed that my C drive's Gigs went from 6.01 usage, to 6.70 usage.

    Now, I was not on the internet, nor did I download any of the info onto my C drive, just my external drive, via my computer's CD/DVD-RW.

    Where did this extra usuage come from and how do I get rid of it? I tried a disk clean-up, to no avail, as well as a degfrag... but other than that, I'm at a loss. I have alot more backing up to do, and dont want useless ROM from my C drive dedicated to the effort.

    I know that I'm only using a fraction of my laptop's gigs, but I'm kinda a stickler for neatness.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks ahead of time.


  5. Thanks Ringfinger-- that was probably it, but Dell Tech Help felt that with some of the other issues I've had, I needed to run the old Cntrl F11, during start-up....

    It was a real pain, but it fixed the problem, and got rid of Norton for me... I think.

  6. Hi--

    I own a new Dell Inspiron 1200, with the XP SP2 Home Edition.

    I wanted to change my Power Settings so that when plugged in to a constant power source, the computer does not shut down the hard-drive, does not go into standby or hibernate, and leaves the monitor running with the screen saver.

    And while I made the changes for just that, (As an Admin.) everything seems to work fine, however the monitor insists on shutting off after about a half hour.

    I have double checked my changes, and even went as far as a restart, followed by an entire shutdown, and restart. And still, while all the other changes work fine, the monitor will not obey. Is this something wrong with my OS, or something that is strictly Dell?

    Sorry, I know it's a small prob, but it's driving me nuts.

  7. Thanks everyone (sorry I've been away for a spell)

    I'll take heart of your suggestions-- for starters, i'll turn off the "live system protect" (or is it live update? i'll have to go through Norton and keep my eyes pealed.) * thanks Ringfiner.

    And, the same to you, kelsenellenelvian-- when I'm referring to free space (and forgive me my lack of knowledge, I'm new to the game) I mean the little pie chart it shows you after you open "Properties" on your C drive.

    it looks like I'll want to trash Norton sooner or later.

    However, as it's like a planter's wart with roots deep in my system... can you guys suggest something more than what I'm going to do to get rid of it?

    1. run Windows Add/Remove (I dont think Norton has its own... though it should.)

    2. restart

    3. manully search and trash any remaining norton files/folders.

    4. then... some how clean up my registry..... I'm guessing I'll have to look into some kind of software for this... If anyone would like to make a suggestion... I'm all ears, er, eyes.

    And if that doesnt get rid of it, I dont know what will!

    I prefer not to buy computer systems with all this trial junk added in with an OS image. It simply removes your freedom of choice.

    Yeah, I know.. sigh.. but Dell was just in my price range and I didn't know where else to start looking.... thanks to Forums like these, down the road, I will be better informed.

    There is so much Dell garbage on my laptop, I dont even know where to start, but I am gaining ground.

  8. Hey everyone--

    I'm using the 3 month trial Norton 2004 that came with my Inspiron 1200. I notice that the constant updates are eating up my Free Space like it's going out of style.

    I poked around in the Add/Remove and on the Task Manager, and I can't seem to figure out how to tell just how much of my system Norton is using.

    I'm running XP SP2.

    (on a side note-- man, I wish I'd never even let Norton get a foothold on my cpu. It looks like just Removing it is only the tip of the iceburg. From what I gather, after an uninstall, you not only have to manually search and erase files, but you'll have to clean up the registry and who-knows-what-else too. And you still probably wont get it all.)

  9. Hey everyone_

    I'm pretty new to the XP game. My old OS was Win 95. I just bought a Dell Inspiron 1200 notebook, and I started trying to filter out all the Dell "garbage." The adventure has brought me here. Can't wait to learn all that I can.

    $ coldoven $

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