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    Anyone notice that the "case sensitive" checkbox when searching in XP doesn't work?
  2. Ok, I am starting to think that the screen I'm talking about is completely separate from the logon screen. I can't find it in the registry, although I'm sure it's there somewhere. Has anyone successfully done this? Again, I am talking about the screen that flashes after you lock your pc (winkey+L) and before it takes you back to the logon screen. It flashes blue for like 2 seconds. Heh, I am determined to fix this, as I am anything I cannot figure out initially. I know it's such a small thing, but I like for my colors to match. My logon screen is black, my windows theme is black, and it looks odd to have that blue screen flash. Please let me know if you have successfully changed the color of this screen or removed it completely. I will buy your lunch for a month, or whatever.
  3. I'm really diggin OpenOffice from OpenOffice.org..but It has no email client. Not that I don't like MS Lookout, but does anyone know of a good one?
  4. hmm... I would want the CD key promted... because I'm paranoid like that.
  5. I would like to make a semi-attended CD. What I mean is, I would like to make a cd that installs the tweaks and programs just like in the unattended, but prompting the user for their name and cd key, because I would like to use the cd on other computers. Is it possible to use the same switch and batch methods for this? I would think all I need to do is change the option with the SP1 deployment tools to "User Controlled".
  6. still no luck... i bet microsoft developers get a real kick out of reading these kind of threads..
  7. Well at least you know what I'm talking about. I can't find that in the display properties. I wonder if it's in the registry somewhere... I know it's separate from logonui.exe, I think.
  8. No, that one shows my custom logon screen. You can see what I'm talking about if you have "Fast User Switching" enabled. When you hit Winkey+L, to lock your system, you will see the baby-blue screen show right before it brings you back to your logon screen.
  9. Actually, I'm wrong. It appears BEFORE the logon screen comes up. After The boot Logo.
  10. Thanks for your response DaveXP. But that's the actual logon screen, right? I'm not talking about that one. I am refering to the solid baby-blue screen that appears for about 2 seconds after you get through the logon screen, right before you are up and running in windows. It only seems to happen when you first logon after a reboot. It doesn't appear during Fast User Switching.
  11. Hey. Does anyone know how to change the logon screen that appears after you logon and before your xp theme loads and you are in windows. I am talking about the solid baby-blue background that only shows for like 2 seconds. I already fixed my classic logon screen to match my theme, via here: http://www.virtualplastic.net/html/logo_sc...cr.html#xplogin This fixed the background color behind the classic logon screen from baby-blue to match my theme. But once you login, that is where the other baby-blue screen shows up. Any ideas? I have been searching for days trying to get this..
  12. Anyone know how to use the same Outlook email account on two different XP user accounts, without having to store emails in two different places?
  13. btodd

    auto start

    I use FireDaemon an find it quite handy. But don't you have to actually log on to Windows before services start?
  14. So, I can run rDesktop or VNC to access XP on Apache eh? This is excellent news! Now I can play Star Wars Jed..ehem...access files that I have worked on at home because I am a dedicated employee, and wouldn't want to install dirty things such as Star Wars Jedi Academy on the perfectly clean servers..ehem...I mean this is great! Thank you for helping me become more productive. ggtyh, your info on tswebsetup.exe is definately something, for me, worth looking into as well. I'm sure to get a promotion by putting something like that up on the intranet for all of the other dedicated and productive employees.

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