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  1. When I was vliting my Vista, I figured I wouldn't need the printer drivers b/c I could easily download them form the manufactures website, wehn I needed. This would allow me to not have to have thousands of drivers installed for only one printer. Unfortunately the HP website tells me that there is no driver to download for my vista because the printer support for it is already integrated into the Operating system. Well, is there any way to get the driver I need back from the original installation disk without having to reinstall the whole operating system? Thanks for your help!
  2. In addition to moving the progrma files fodler (see my other thread) I would also like to move the whole users folder to another partition. Hopefully someone can help me out with this too.
  3. I would like to move both the "program files" folder and the "program files x86" folder to another partition. Does anybody know a way of doing so?
  4. I would really like to view my HDD's temperature using Speedfan. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to get it to work. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 bit. My Mainboard is a P5B-Plus Vista Edition and I'm using 2 500GB Samsung HDDs aswell as 1 250GB Samsung Spinpoint HDD. SATA is set to AHCI. However, when I start Speedfan I cannot see my HDD's temperature nor view its S.M.A.R.T. data. Why does it not work? Is it because of Vista? Do I have to enable S.M.A.R.T. first? If yes, where (in my BIOS?) would I find that option? Thank you guys very much. I hope someone can help me!
  5. Thanks for your reply. Concerning the games, that's pretty much what I thought. Yet I hadn't thought about 64-files... Do I even need a pagefile having about 4GB RAM, an asus P5B-Plus Mainboard w/ 512MB flash memory, and an 8GB Corsair Voyager Jump Drive for Ready Boost?
  6. Hi folks! I'm gonna get Vista Ultimate 64Bit tomorrow. Now I'm wonderig which would be the most efficient way to partitionate my HDDs. Like for XP many ppl would recommend creating 3 partitions (System/Apps/pagefile). Will it benefit me if I put Vista's pagefile on its own partition? It never really made sense to me to create a partition just for applications since after a system crash they need to be reinstalled anyways... So my current plan is to have one partition for windows and apps, one for games, one for my files, and if you guys tell me that I should do so, one partition for the pagefile. Would you guys say it's necessary to dual boot XP and Vista because there are still too many unsupported applications for Vista 64bit? If yes, how would the perfect dual boot setup look like? I have two 500GB HDDs for my Windows Operating System(s), Games, and files. In addation to that I have on more 250GB HDD where I'm planning to install Linux on. Now, how should I set up my partitions best? Thank you very much! //PS: Is it anyhow possible to install a game once on the game partition and use it on both XP and Vista?
  7. I deleted it. now there is no .bat key in the registry. Unfortunately it did nont reregister itself either. Can you please tell me how exactly I have to create the reg keys?
  8. I think somehow I disabled the handling of bat files. Unfortunately it has to be long ago and I have no idea at all how I did it. The problem with it is, that some installers use bat files, unfortunately that does not really work on my system, now... So is there a way to get the system to handle bat files again
  9. Hi! I have a huge problem. For some reasons, my .bat files arn't threaten as batch files. When I double click on them, notepad opens up. Also there is no option to run it on the context menu. When I go to Extras, Folderoptions and Filetypes on my computer, I can edit the .bat entry, but I don't know what to put there!? What do I have to do, so that *.bat files are *.bat files again and are executed as supposed. Thanks for your help.
  10. Worked fine for me on a computer with en English XP. Great Job! I"m just a bit afraid of installing it on my German Windows. Can anybody please verify if it works on other than english versions of XP?
  11. That's odd. When I shutdown my computer, the updates were installed... Regardless, I've made a new CD without the updates... No everything is working fine. Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Arrgh!!! Well, not really. All seems normal. It downloads the Patches normally, but then instead of installing them, it gives me imediatly the info that they couldn't be installed..
  13. Thx, I checked both, but there's nothing. I'm using an nlighted windows, but I can't remember having sth disabled that would affect Hybernate... Does anybody know what the Hybernate option depends on? //edit: fixed! It was the RAID driver...
  14. I can't click on the Hybernate icon and I can't select the hybernate settings in power management. Is there a way to get Hybernating back, without reinstalling windows? I'm running on a Laptop...
  15. Well, I don't think so. the Source CD was a XP HE CD that has SP2 already included. All I included is: http://www.german-nlite.de/index.php?showtopic=1689 http://www.german-nlite.de/index.php?showtopic=1254 http://www.german-nlite.de/index.php?showtopic=1168
  16. Hey! I've just installed my nlighted windows. For some reason I can't use the windows update function. I mean I can select the downloads but after downloading it says: "the following updates could not be installed" and lists all selected updates. The automatic aupdates, the protected storage, and the background transfer service are running. Also it seems like I can install the patches, once I have the file. Just winupdate can't... Does anybody have an idea why?
  17. Hey! I've disabled all services, that I thougt I wouldn't need. Unfortunately my USB HDD now doesn't appear in my computer anymore... Can anyone please tell me which service is responsable for this? Thank you
  18. I'considered that, but I've just the evaulation version. I wanted to test it first and see if it really provides a better performance. The "real" support is just for registred customers and I don't want to buy it before I'm not sure, that it helps and especially works. Since I don't want to leave my phone number for the support, I hoped to find help elsewere.. Also I think, that there must be a general problem with my account rights and not with the software. It works on a new account. Isn't there a posibillity to compare the reg keys of both accounts to find the error or sth like that?
  19. It is O&O Clever Cache. No, it's nothing about this in the event viewer...
  20. Thank you. Yes, my name is in there. I have Administrator -->administrators ASPNET --> user me -->administrators; user BTW: Is ASPNET important, or can I just delete it? b/c it doesn't make sense to me, that MS has an account on my computer. //ok, I've changed it from administrators; user to administrators only. But it still doesn't work.
  21. Hey! I have the following problem. I'm the only user on my computer and therefore admin. I'm using the Account I've created during windows setup and when I'look in the Account setting it says "admin". My OS is WinXP Home Edition. Now I have an application, that gives my an error message like the following, when I'm trying to run it: You don't have the permission to run this application. You have to be a member of the admin group. But I AM A MEMBER OF THE ADMIN GROUP. I'm the only one. Ok, I rebooted in safemode. And logged on with the "Administrator" Account. Unfortunately I had to discover, that I can't lunch the application during safemode. Then I created a new Account (by using my normal Account, therefor I have to have admin rights...) and set it on Admin, too. When I log on with that account and try to luch the application, everything works fine. Well, but I'd like to use it on my standard account. Is there anyrhing I can do? Maybe there are some registry values that a new Account has, but not my standard Account? Or maybe they have been changed for my standard account for some reason... I hoe somebody can help me with this. Thanks!

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