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    Hi, Smells like spam, when i got an email from "Nick Contreras" any one else got this? I happen to have a unique email address for this forum. where did it leak out? Regards, Beep
  2. I think that there is an equivalent util name taskkill in XP. cheers ::beep
  3. Hi, If you have internet access after setup you can auto activate by adding this in your .sif file [unattended] AutoActivate = "Yes" cheers ::beep
  4. About Mozilla this is what i found on Unattended/Silent Installation Switches for Windows Apps: There are other apps there to, check it out. cheers ::beep
  5. Hi all, Im reading a lot of post here, realy nice, thanks m8s. If you don't already know the Script.Shell has a property/method calld AppActive With its method you can bring a particularly window to focus. Using it as a propery you can check if there is a window with that name if so it will get focus. this will speed up vb script installation helper and you dont have to fine tune the sleep between you actions, you can use a function similar to this Option Explicit 'to wait for the window "Setup Finish" to appare and press Alt n '!NOTE! if there are more then one window with the same name it will not work, it will need more work! dim WshShell, iLoopTimeWait Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") iLoopTimeWait = 500 Call Main() Set WshShell = Nothing Sub Main() Connect2Window iLoopTimeWait, "Setup Finish" WshShell.SendKeys "%n" End Sub Function Connect2Window(iTime, sWindowName) Do until WshShell.AppActivate (sWindowName) WScript.Sleep iTime loop End function cheers ::beep

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