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  1. Qchain.exe - Greenmachine's Method

    Hi Gosh, Im not saying your wrong but how do u feel about these 2 articles .. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...&NoWebContent=1 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;EN-US;815062 I understand what you are saying but going by those articles dont u think your taking a risk in a way ?
  2. Qchain.exe - Greenmachine's Method

    Thank once again for your quick reply, you've cleared it all up for me- i will add it as you've instructed . Have a great day & congratulations on a great method of deploying an OS. Regards Atari_man
  3. Qchain.exe - Greenmachine's Method

    Hi Greenmachine, Thank for replying- by the way top article on auto deploying XP (I've being following your threads throughout the forums) -- so your saying that the way I've scripted the qchain.exe file in the installs.cmd file as in "./hotfixes/qchain.exe" will work as far as being copied to the hard drive & doing what its meant to do ? thank again, atari_man.
  4. Hello Everybody, First of all congratulations on a top website, my query regards the use of "QCHAIN.EXE" -- I've read the following notes via other forum threads....... "Windows XP was supposed to have QCHAIN functionality built into the hotfixes, but it turns out that some of the earlier patches do, in fact, still need it. The exact date is somewhere on MS's site. For info: Hotfixes create a list of system files to replace on the next boot. This list is created in the order the hotfixes are run. If run out of order, an older file version may overwrite a newer one. QCHAIN sorts the list of files to be replaced, putting the files in a oldest to newest order to prevent this problem." OK, so I've being following "Green-Machines" method of installing, there is no problem with my scripts & all the hotfixes install ok as im using the cmdlines.txt to call the install.cmd which installs the hotfixes & applications, I've stored the Post SP1 fixes in a folder called "Hotfixes" inside the $oem$ , so my path in the installs.cmd would be as follows ".\Hotfixes\QXXXXXX.exe /switches" , to get to the point , i just want to confirm at the end of the script would i need to add the line ".\hotfixes\qchain.exe" ? ----would this work as far as copying the file (qchain.exe) to the Hard drive & qchain doing what it is meant to do ? Regards & thank in advanced.