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  1. I'm going to share my experience here as well just so people with this problem can find as much info in one place as possible. My Intent: Install nLite on my PC with two hard drives. Windows and Documents and Settings in each of their own partions on drive 1, and Programs in their own partition on drive 2. Drive 1 currently had Win 98 on it, and drive 2 had a copy of XP. How It Went Down: I nLited my disk with Programs on H:\ and Docs on I:\ I started up the installer which recognized drive 1 as C:\ and drive 2 as D:\. My two cd-roms were recognized as E:\ and F:\, so I formated G:\ (for Games) H:\ and I:\ and started the install. Yes I didn't format any of those partitions, but when I was troubleshooting I discovered this wasn't the cause of my trouble. The Problem: As soon as the computer restarts and begins installation, those partitions I made that were G:\ H:\ and I:\, got re-recognized as F:\ G:\ and E:\ respectively, and the cd-roms got recognized as H:\ and I:\. no matter what I called things in the initial format stage of the installation things got reordered based upon first partition on master HD, first partition on slave drive, remaining partitions on master drive, then remaining partitons on the slave, and then the cd-roms. In order to anticipate this best, I installed a full install of XP on my future C:\ and used the Disk Management to partiton and format the drives. I then went and created a new nLite Disk anticipating E:\ for my Docs and H:\ for my programs (I left a small F:\ for future use.) Then I installed the nLited disk over the full XP install I had just done. Everything worked fine. The Moral: Changing file paths on partitions, especially using more than one drive, is tricky. The errors at the start of this thread can indicate you did something wrong when specifying their path or their formatting.
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