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  1. New monitor drivers

    Hi again! I downloaded Astra for DOS and tested it on my personal monitor. It showed all kind of info about it, including the different supported modes and refresh rates. Later, I tested it on the Target monitor and NOTHING was recognized properly. The manufacturer, model, spec fields were classified as 'Unknown'. It didn't even show me the supported modes and/or refresh rates. No list of resolutions, etc. So , as you said,maybe the problem is the monitor itself. I assume it is broken then. Well, I suppose I can't do anything else than changing to a proper monitor. I hope I won't find this problem again Thanks for your support!
  2. New monitor drivers

    Hi and thanks for the replies! I tried Powerstrip 2.78 and it didn't work, even with custom monitors/resolutions. I'll give it a try later again, anyway. I also tried some random Windows drivers, but none of them worked. I also used the standard vga 800x600 drivers but it didn't work. At 640x480, I can switch the refresh rate up to 85Hz, so I suppose it shouldn't be a problem in other modes. The monitor seems to be new (it even has an OSD, so it can't be so old) so I think refresh rates shouldn't be a problem. The last thing I tried is to search for info about Target International bv. I found this manufacturer MAY be the same as Proview, so I looked for Proview drivers and plan to test them later. Let's see if it works I'll post the results later. Thank you very much for your help Yes, this is the most strange issue. Even if I tell Windows to use standard 800x600 resolutions (normal and 85hz drivers) then it refuses to show the 800x600 option in the panel. I can't move the slider to the right. It should work, and I've only installed Windows 98SE, the voodoo3 drivers and directx 9.0c.
  3. New monitor drivers

    Hi! Then, this is a mistery. The gfx card is a 3dfx voodoo3 3000 with appropiate drivers, but windows doesn't allow me to change the resolution. It ts set at 640x480. I've created a driver for the monitor using a Microsoft tutorial about creating monitor's inf files but it seems useless. I thought the standard plug&play monitor driver would allow the user to set 800x600 modes and so on, but it is impossible on this system. The 3dfx utilities say that max.resolution is 1280 but the max.res. of the monitor is 640x480 I also used powerstrip but nothing changed. On my personal computer, I also never installed a monitor driver and my screen is set at 800x600 with no problem at all Should I reinstall Windows? Thanks!
  4. New monitor drivers

    Hi I was installing win98 on an old computer I gave to my girlfriend when I found this problem. It's got a Target monitor but Win98 (and me, the user) weren't able to find a driver. Then win98 installed it as a "standard plug&play monitor". I cannot switch its resolution. It is set on 640x480. If I choose a different driver/manufacturer (randomly) it says it is "not compatible" and I can't change the refresh rate, etc. That leads me to a question: What can happen if, in the near future, I buy a flamboyant LCD monitor, a superb 17" screen, just to find that it hasn't got win98 drivers? How will windows install it? Will any LCD screen work as a standard monitor, with the standard driver? I've seen some drivers' .inf files and it doesn't seem very difficult to write a driver. Maybe I could write one for that annoying Target monitor. Anyone has any experience? Is it possible to find new Windows standard drivers? Maybe installing them (.drv files) from WinME, like 98se2me does? Thanks for reading this looong post!
  5. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Hi! Just a question. Why does the package susbstitute user.exe. My Windows version is not English so I don't want the user.exe included in the pack. May I change it to the original version after installing the package? Cheers.
  6. Hi! I don't know to apply these updates to my Win98: Maximus Decim USB, 98SE2ME and Microsoft updates. Which one first? Which later? Is it important? Does Microsoft updates change system dll's? Thanks!
  7. Another Windows modding

    Hi! -I reshacked explorer.exe, but I can't find the menus and dialogs that appear in the Windows Explorer. I mean 'File, View,Favourites,Help...' and so on. I thought they were in explorer.exe but it seems to contain only the taskbar and some bitmaps. Where could I find them, please? -I'd like to get rid of the menu bar, making the windows seem more Amiga-like. Maybe I should reshack the Windows Explorer and erase all menu items. I suppose nothing will go wrong, but I need to know first where they're stored. -In the same way, I'd like to get rid of the taskbar. I mean not hiding it partially with the taskbar option, but to make it disappear completely. I've got a little executable that makes that possible, but a registry trick would be better as it eats no resources. -Does anybody know how to lock up the desktop icons? I mean to make impossible to move them, not only not saving after exiting Windows, like a reg trick I found. My Amiga-like Windows 98SE is progressing, I will put some screenshots (there's a lot of work to do, but I'm satisfied) Thanks! Juanma I forgot, here's the list of changes made: (please forgive me if you're not an Amiga fan) -System font changed to Arial (as used in Workbench 3.5). Old Amigatopaz in the rest of the windows. -Wallpaper based on Workbench 3.1 (a grey one simulating the Amiga desktop). -File transfer animations changed. Now Amiga bouncing ball animation substitutes them. -All references to 'Windows' in explorer.exe, user.exe, etc. changed to 'AmigaOS'. -WB 3.1 color scheme made with 3DCC. -Collection of icons and cursors from WB 1.3 to WB 3.5 (using ActiveIcons). -Control panel components changed. Include icons and bitmaps more Amiga-based. -I use AmigaBar (from Phantom toolbox) which simulates an Amiga bar in the top of the screen. Well, very few changes till now, but I'll try to improve it (and thanks to your help, of course)
  8. Installing WinME dll's

    Thanks for the replies Well, I want to do it manually cause I got a copy of WinME in Spanish (I use Spa W98se too). So I don't want to mix it with English (nothing against English ) because it may cause some problems (as I've just experienced with the RP4). I know, as the dll's may call for different resources, that you can't know which ones will work on my system, but I suppose that there must be some libraries that are less 'sensitive' than others so I could change them without problem (or executables, like the WinME scandisk, which I can use at no risk). Maybe not dll's, but I could change the .vxd, .drv... etc. Cheers!
  9. Installing WinME dll's

    Well, I've just found some answers for being (myself) such an id*** I downloaded Tihiy's Revolutions Pack, and installed by mistake the Shell upgrade. It's very nice, but when then I noticed I couldn't go back to the normal explorer. I began to put again the original dll's (Spanish version) overwriting the ones with the package (English version). The result: I've just reinstalled W98SE So yes, good advice, let's see if MDGX can show me a light in the tunnel Thanks!
  10. Changing drive letters

    Thank you very much! My mistake, I was so excited about this idea that I forgot this issue. Then it's the same case as MS-DOS, only from a to Z. Well, your first OS was a MacOS 6.... you make me feel sooo old... I'll try however to eliminate the parenthesis of the drive names. Thanks!
  11. Changing drive letters

    Hello! I'd like to change the drive letters, I mean, change the c:, d:, etc. shown in the explorer for something like fd0:, fd1:, hd0:. hd1: as used on the Amiga. I know how to change the label and icon of a drive unit, but not its real name under explorer. Any registry tips to do that? Thanks!
  12. Hi! Ok, I know there's 98se2me.exe, but I want to do it manually. Talking about dependencies, could you please tell me which dll can be installed alone and which not? I suppose all .exe programs (taskmanager, clipbrd, etc...) will be no problem, but I'm worried about dll's. I'm not pretending you to give me a complete list but please tell me if I need to take care about some dll's, following your personal experience. As I don't want to take the risk of installing the complete 98se2me.exe, I'll install only a feww libraries. What about .acm, .drv and .sys files? Thanks!
  13. Changing file transfer dialogs

    Hi! My second goal is to change the file transfer dialogs. I changed the folder's animation and made an Amiga bouncing ball animation I'm trying to figure where are stored the little blue squares that are shown in the progress bar. I suppose it could be a little bmp, like the ones used in scandisk.exe. Any ideas, please? Thanks, Juanma
  14. WMP 6.4 startup logo

    Thank you very much! And yes, Virtualplastic was the first place I found related to this I'm going to check those dll's now, thanks again! Juanma
  15. WMP 6.4 startup logo

    Hi! I'm starting to change the look of my W98SE. I want to change now the black startup logo that appears when WMP 6.4 is executed. I've looked for this bitmap in several dll's but found nothing Any suggestion, please? Thanks in advance. I'll come back often, as I want to transform the Windows interace into a more Amiga-like style. Let's see the result of this experiment... Cheers! Juanma