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  1. Download the intellipoint drivers and add this to your batch. ECHO Microsoft Intellipoint 4.01 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Intellipoint401\Mouse\SETUP\oemsetup.exe /L1033 /V"/Q R=\"0\" MM=\"IME\" MEDIAPACKAGEPATH=\"\Mouse\Setup\" " ECHO.
  2. Does anyone know how to use the config set from the xp opk on a CD install?
  3. ECHO Installing Intel Application Accelerator 2.3 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Intel\iaa23\setup.exe -s -f1"%systemdrive%\Install\Intel\iaa23\setup.iss" ECHO.
  4. I was looking at the custom install screens and was woundering if there might be some way of adding a GUI for the batch installs to make them look less ugly and out of place.
  5. If you setup the structure like this? I'm just shooting from the hip. XPCD2 CMPNENTS EXTRAS
  6. It could possible to add a second cd by adding a line to the DOSNET.inf [Directories] d1 = \I386 d2 = \cmpnents\tabletpc\I386 d3 = \cmpnents\mediactr\I386 d4 = \cmpnents\netfx\I386 d5 = "\cmpnents\EXTRAS"
  7. Yup yup! after removing Q817778 and changing the switches the install went through nice and easy but many of the hotfixes still dont show up in A/RP.
  8. The error comes durring install. Only 3 Hotfixes show up afterwards, (KB824105, KB824146, Q329441) but there are logs for all the fixes in my windows directory. I also noticed that all the docs use /q /n /z
  9. Thank you for pinning down the sp1.cab problem. I solved a lot of my errors. I'm now only suffering from a switch prompt where a message box appears telling me the proper switches for something. Here is my svcpack. [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" MajorVersion=5 MinorVersion=1 BuildNumber=2600 [SetupData] CatalogSubDir="\i386\svcpack" [SetupHotfixesToRun] Q282010.exe /n /q /u /z Q322011.exe /n /q /u /z Q323255.exe /n /q /u /z Q327979.exe /n /q /u /z Q328310.exe /n /q /u /z Q329048.exe /n /q /u /z Q329115.exe /n /q /u /z Q329170.exe /n /q /u /z Q329390.exe /n /q /u /z Q329441.exe /n /q /u /z Q329834.exe /n /q /u /z Q331953.exe /n /q /u /z Q810565.exe /n /q /u /z Q810577.exe /n /q /u /z Q810833.exe /n /q /u /z Q811493.exe /n /q /u /z Q811630.exe /n /q /u /z Q814033.exe /n /q /u /z Q814995.exe /n /q /u /z Q815021.exe /n /q /u /z Q817606.exe /n /q /u /z Q817778.exe /n /q /u /z Q819696.exe /n /q /u /z Q820291.exe /n /q /u /z Q821253.exe /n /q /u /z Q821557.exe /n /q /u /z Q823559.exe /n /q /u /z Q823980.exe /n /q /u /z Q824105.exe /n /q /u /z Q824146.exe /n /q /u /z qchain.exe [ProductCatalogsToInstall] kb282010.cat kb815021.cat kb817778.cat kb819696.cat kb820291.cat kb821253.cat kb821557.cat kb823559.cat kb823980.cat kb824105.cat KB824146.cat q322011.cat q323255.cat q327979.cat q328310.cat q329048.cat q329115.cat q329170.cat q329390.cat q329441.cat q329834.cat q331953.cat q810565.cat q810577.cat q810833.cat q811493.cat q811630.cat q814033.cat q814995.cat q815021.cat q817606.cat q819696.cat
  10. I've taken out the wallpapers and games and would like to know what other usless garbage I can remove durring installation.
  11. After many different attempts I am still getting the same file copy errors durring textmode (P3.sys and others). Please help.
  12. I’ve been working on getting the hotfixes to install and nothing seems to be working, (not without hitting ESC a dozen times anyway). I found this doc and the method looks different from what I’ve seen, and was wondering if anyone has used a manual method like this. 1 Rename the hotfix package to a suitable 8.3 file name. 2 Make a temporary directory to hold the extracted contents of the hotfix package. MD C:\TEMP 3 Extract the files from the hotfix package. Qxxxxxx.EXE /x 4 Enter C:\TEMP for the name of the directory. 5 Open DOSNET.INF with Notepad and add this information to the file. [OptionalSrcDirs] svcpack 6 Delete the svpack.in_ and original file(s) that the hotfix is replacing. 7 Copy the replacement file from the temporary directory to the i386 folder. 8 Create a SVCPACK folder in \i386 dir. 9 Create a new \i386\SVCPACK.INF with this content. [Version] Signature = $Windows NT$ BuildNumber = 2600 MajorVersion = 5 MinorVersion = 1 [setupData] CatalogSubDir = i386\svcpack [ProductCatalogsToInstall] sp1.cat [setupHotfixesToRun] Qxxxxxx.exe /q /n /z 10 Copy SP1.CAT from C:\TEMP\UPDATE to the \i386\SVCPACK folder. 11 Copy Qxxxxxx.EXE to the \i386\SVCPACK folder. I guess the scripts compress the svcpack.inf so this is just the manual method.
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