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  1. What should I do?

    Thanks a lot for your help, but, the image which I created is over 8Gb, almost 2 DVDs, How can I put it into a single DVD?
  2. What should I do?

    I used a craked version of Ghost, but the image was created correctly. You didn't understand me, I couln'it start Windows, so I couldn't mount the image, because the image (created by Ghost) is NOT booteable and I need mount it into the Windows. I would like try another way to backup my current windows...
  3. What should I do?

    But it didn't work for me and it's not booteable...
  4. What should I do?

    Hi, I´ve just formatted my PC, again, the last time was 3 weeks ago, At this moment, I have a clean Windows Xp Pro SP2 isntalled from a XP with SP2 included's CD, and I updated it with "AutoPatcher XP October 2005", and some tweaked Regs, hardwares's drivers and some softwares. Until now, everything is working OK. And before that I have to format again, I wanna do a backup of eveything that I did, specially the reg and the drivers. I tried Norton Ghost 9 but it didn't work, because I couldn't start windows and mount the image that I had created... So, I think this time, what I need is a booteable CD or DVD, maybe create an unattended one... But there is some easier way to backup my current modified windows? What would you suggest to me? Thanks and sorry for my EN.