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  1. Hi, Although this isn't a Windows question, I can't find the answer anywhere !!! I'm planning to buy a copy of Norton Internet Security 2005 on ebay. Its a retail version, but someonw is selling it after having it installed on their PC for a year Will I get the 12 months free updates, or will I have to purchase a suscription ? Does anyone know ?
  2. Hi, Just a quick question about Microsoft Works Do you have to register it when you install it ? I don't like logging my details with anyone in case I get spam. If I don't register, do I still get to have product updates? Thanks in anticipation Marc
  3. Hi everyone, Looking forward to life on the Forum... I wonder if you can help : I have recently changed jobs. At my last school (I'm a teacher), I was given a copy of Office XP Standard to install on my PC. The discs I have have a licence which is for 'any user' At my new school, I have been given a copy of Office 2003. My question is this - I am thinking of selling the Office XP Standard discs on Ebay - they are fetching over £50 at the moment. Am I doing anything illegal ? Will the product key be registered to my old school and leave the buyer with problems ? Does the product key unlock the product only, or do Microsoft keep a log of who has it on their system for the licence holder ? Iam genuinely unsure and don't want to do anything illegal, so I thought I would check Your help would be much appreciated Marc

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