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  1. Office 2010 Update List

    Win7toolkit and the McRip updates. That's about the only up-to-date list/download I've seen.
  2. DVD Rebuilder 1.28.7

    No reason to hate the software, just post in the correct forum. You'll get the attention of jdobbs (the developer) much quicker here, http://forum.doom9.org/forumdisplay.php?f=75 edit: Oops, completely overlooked that you're trying to do an unattended install. That's what I get for bouncing back and forth between three forums at the same time. At any rate, you may pass it by jdobbs to see if he has any insight into switches, etc...
  3. Looking for downgraded media

    I don't have an OEM gold disc, but do have a gold VLA, which should be good, less the OEMBIOS files.
  4. Problem with Component removal section.

    Bump. Anyone?
  5. Hello all! I've recently started having problems with the component removal section when, if anything is selected for removal, GUI setup stops with the error: Setup failed to install the product catalogs. This is a fatal error. Error code is 426. The signature of Windows XP SP1 Professional is invalid. The error code is 800b0100 I normally run my source through nLite after slipstreaming all hotfixes and other things through HFSLIP. The HFSLIP'd disc works perfectly, but once I hit it with nLite and select any components for removal, it crashes during setup. I've tried taking a clean XP SP2 source and integrating all hotfixes with nLite and I still get the same error. Attached are my HFSLIP and nLite logs. I'd appreciate any help. LAST_SESSION.INI HFSLIP.txt
  6. Update for silent .NET maker?

    Bump for the same reasons as stated above.
  7. Slipstream .Net Framework X into XP install cd

    Silent .Net Maker While not a solution to slipstream .Net, it will make the most updated packaged installers you can find. I'm using this with HFSLIP.
  8. .Net 3.0 silent collided with MCE UR2 installation

    FYI: I've had very good luck with Ryan's all-in-one placed in "HFSVCPACK". It installs all three flavors of .Net, fully patched.
  9. Textmode or PnP

    Yes, use the Textmode drivers for the F6 stage. Specifically, drivers like SATA or RAID, SCSI, etc...
  10. support for 896256 & 916199

    There's a newer version of the kernel, 3051 in 929338 vs. 3023 in 896256. I can't speak as to WindowsXP-KB916199-v2-x86. Since I have a CoreDuo, I may give that one a whirl. Just as a note, I tried a new build with both 929338 and 896256 in HF and it seems that 896256 won. Doing a windows update showed 929338 as a download.
  11. Does KB888111 go into the HF folder?

    Yes, it does.
  12. Slipstreaming SP2 with XP Gold

    Tomcat, Cool, I thought there must have been something that HFSLIP would leave behind, like the .cmd in SVCPACK. I didn't want to mess anything up, so I left it. I'll slipstream with the attached file. I realize I could use some of the available tools or do it manually, but I tend to lean towards HFSLIP or anything related in this forum. Thanks guys!
  13. Slipstreaming SP2 with XP Gold

    For the sake of cleanliness, I've recopied my XP gold disc into "SOURCE" and put only the Admin install of SP2 in "HF". All worked good as expected, but when I run HFSLIP again, with all post-sp2 fixes (sp2 removed from HF, of course), it warns of the source having been patched prior to the run. Is there any harm in this and can I remove something to get rid of that warning? Thanks all!
  14. Trouble with slipstream Dell OEM Win XP

    A bit of FYI: Mine worked by simply using the i386 folder from the CD as my \SOURCE\I386 folder. No copying winnt.sif to the FIX folder, no messing around with the product key. If the product key is in winnt.sif on your CD in i386, there's no need to do anything else. You will have problems if oembios.* are missing.
  15. Trouble with slipstream Dell OEM Win XP

    I've tested HFSLIP with a Dell XP SP2 CD and the pre-activation works like it should. No messing around with the product key and the OEMBIOS.* files are there. Works like a charm.