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  1. 7Customizer work great.i have small problem whit unmount image in work folder but i manual delete image and work great p.s. how to use command dism /Cleanup-WIM - and sorry for bad english log.txt
  2. dvd fab v5,0,9,0 not working for me, v5.0.6.0 working-Thanks for your addon
  3. Try this:http://rapidshare.com/files/75457374/nLite_ESS_3.0.566.0_TRiAL.cab or search forum
  4. Hi all i cant to get this to work: I have asus p5k/deluxe/wi-fi and sata seagate st3320620as & sata dvd sh-s183ą & ide dvd-rom Bios revison is 0705. When Windows has started i got the bluescreens,reset and bios mast be set to sata:ide to get to work xp.I am unable to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager as it says "This computer does not meet the minumum requirements for installing this software". My os :win xp pro with sp3 , maybe problem is service pack 3? Sorry for bed english
  5. Thanks in advance for your fast reply and your great work!No problem Rado anyway thanks, i not understend aotoit script .I make my adon with addon-maker and combinet with cmd file it my easy way becouse i new her
  6. rado354 plees help,what is silent switch for idm 5.x.x(new version is 5.12) very thanks for all your joob(sory for bed english)! Heppy New Year for all you gays you ar the best(from Croatia)
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