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  1. If the key is not on the back of your laptop then it is on the motherboard. In this case when you do a fresh Windows install skip the step when you must fill your Windows key. When you finish, the Windows will do the activation by its self after you connect to internet. Make sure you use the same Windows version as the one installed initially.

  2. Hello everybody!

    I tried http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=92959 a little reg file to remove the ad from the Foxit PDF R. If I run it directly it's ok. It works.But if i try to use it on [GuiRunOnce]-nLite, it doesn't.Here is what I did:

    - I integrated the Foxit PDF Reader addon among others

    - I renamed the reg file "AdRemover FoxitReader.reg"

    - I used "regedit /s C:\WINDOWS\AdRemover FoxitReader.reg"

    - Before making the ISO, I made a folder called "$$" in the $OEM$ folder and put it there

    Anybody got an ideea? Thanks in advance.


  3. I had a similar problem.On my motherboard's drivers CD I discovered a hidden folder called "Installation".Inside, among other files was a virus named "reboot".The virus cannot be discovered by scanning the CD, but scanning the HDD after installing drivers.To avoid the virus installation, after installing Windows, I copied the drivers on the HDD and run them from there.

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