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  1. Thanks.I never thought of doing that i will do.I have to install xp alot as it always seems to get full of spyware n crap so that would be handy.Thanks again
  2. where do i put the final setup files? in the install folder? under $oem$ When i added officx xp there was the following line in the cmd file %systemdrive%\install\Applications\OfficeXP\setup.exe which directed it to the setup file and in the nero cmd file there is no line that i can see which directs it to the setup.exe So i dont really know where to stick the nero setup file. this is just a guess would i stick it in %systemdrive%\install\Applications\ ???????????
  3. I have created a unattended version of windows xp with sp2 and office xp pro with front page im going to be burning it to a dvd so i have a heck of alot of space free Is there any way i can put the sims delux on the xpcd to install it when it installs windows? and i also need to put foxfire on there too. Any ideas. Neatan
  4. iv now got winntbbu.dll for do i change it to a winntbbu.dl_???????????
  5. CANNOT EXPAND A FILE ONTO ITSELF C:\XPCD\I386\WINNTBBU.dll is what i get when i enter command expand.exe -r C:\XPCD\I386\WINNTBBU.dll
  6. I edited both of the dll files which the guide says and when i launch WINNT32.EXE in wondows it shows my billboard which i created and all is well untill boot the cd or try using vierual pc.It just shows the normal billboard the original xp one. Also the final stage of this http://www.unattended.msfn.org/global/compress.htm Doesnt work the cmd says error file cannot be opened. expand.exe -r c:/XPCD/1386/winntbbu.dll it just wont work. the first 2 stages work.Where did i go wrong i got the path to the files right please help im sick of the plain old billboard.I want my doge viper one to work.
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