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  1. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    This might have already been answered, but what if I just want SATA and not Raid? I have an AN8 SLI Nforce 4 setup. Right now I'm on IDE and I'd like to install on my SATA. I do not want raid. The guid mentioned something of only working with Riad?? Thanks, Robert
  2. OemPnPDriversPath help?

    I don't know about the control panel. Does anyone know about the omega 3.7s? They have the control panel integrated with the installation and the 9500-->9700 hack is optional. I would like to silently install these with the 9500-->hack. I'm fairly new at this! I got virtual PC running now and I'm testing a basic unattended install! Fun stuff! Any help greatly appreciated!
  3. OemPnPDriversPath help?

    I'm trying to get the OMEGA 3.7s with the 9500-->9700 hack. Let me know if you get the basic 3.7 working.
  4. Does anyone know a for sure way of installing the Omega Catalyst drivers hacked 9500 version? Right now I have OemPnPDriversPath="C:\XPCD\$OEM$\$1\Drivers\Video\Omega_2748\2KXP_INF" I'm not sure what windows will find for the inf file if I choose the whole folder. There are options when I install these in windows to install regular or hacked versions. The hacked95(9500-->9700 hack) directory has ati2mtag.sys inside it. I want it to install the 9500-->9700 hacked drivers automatically. Maybe I could just run the installer with the batch file? If no one knows then I'll do some testing and post what I find out.