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  1. I have installed Windows XP SP2 and just added the backup utility (as instructed on an MX site). When I tried to do a total backup it failed because it was unable to create the files neccessary for the restore 'diskette'. OK .. number 1 - I do not have a diskette drive but I assumed it might allow me burn a CD or some such. Is it possible to create a total backup using this utility ? I want something I can restore my Laptop from should I have a total disaster with the HD. I do not want to pay for the likes of Ghost. I am too cheap for this any help greatly appreciated.
  2. thanks Redcloud, To answer you question I intend taking an image from my laptop onto an external HD. If I need to replace a crahsed HD or move to another laptop should mine get stolen I hope the image that I have on the external HD (tucked away at home) will get my new laptop up to scratch in no time. Am I correct or no ?
  3. Want to backup my entire HD. I noticed that XP has a free backup utility. Has anyone used it ? Is it any good ? What is the difference between backing up your entire disk and imaging ? Basically, what I am looking for is 'free' sw that I can back up / image the entire HD and reinstall should it crash or should I need to move to another PC. Also, do not want to use sw that could be obsolete in a year or two....i.e. if it compresses the backup I want to be able to get at it again even if I lose the original backup sw. cheers, JDS
  4. I have just installed MS Antispyware and Zonelabs ZoneAlarm. When I try to update Antispyware I get the msg "could not connect to the internet". I suspect that I need to set something in the Program Control section of AlarmZone but it does now show any access attempt from Antispyware. I have already checked for the Antispyware client UI has Access permission. Is there an updater process that needs permission ? why has it not shown as trying to acces the internet. I have a slow dial-up connection but it is surely connected....I am here am I not

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