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  1. win2003 share-options on winxp pro

    Some months ago i had my computer configured so it was possible to share my files a little more advanced than ussually. i found out that i could enable an option that would give me some extra functions as on a win2003. My problem is now that i has formatted my comp and can't remember where this option where. i have looked trough "gpedit.msc" but couldn't find it. Do you know where it is??
  2. The installation needs to install all the applications on drive D: This means all the applications following with windows such as, MS Internet Explorer, MediaPlayer, Outlook, etc. etc. Windows will of cause be installed on drive C: but without the applications mentioned above.
  3. But how can i get this work. It is important that the format of drive D: is completed before the installation begins.
  4. I have now tried the "[GuiRunOnce] format D: /FS:NTFS"... but it didn't work. It tried to start the format when windows was finally installed and not before the installation. It hasn't formatted the drive at all
  5. I need to know how i can have the Windows XP Pro Install to format both C: and D: I need this because i has forced the installer to install windows on drive C: and all programs on drive D:. Until now i has used Magic Partition before i started the installation but it would be great if the winxp install could do it for me.