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  1. Martin, Appreciate the reply. I am using Outlook Express, not Outlook. I don't have an "extra" menu item. I did look at tools=>options=>security=>Download Images. The "Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail" in Outlook is just a "check" or "uncheck" option. It was checked so I unchecked it and rebooted. No effect, I still can't get a link in Outlook e-mail to work. Any other ideas? Regards,
  2. ziegel, Thanks very much for your reply. 1. I tested and no other dialog boxes are open. (I am using Outlook Express, not Outlook.) 2. All emails are affected. I don't know how to tell the difference between Rich Text, Plain Text or HTML. 3. I can open links in all the other applications. Any other suggestions? Regards,
  3. It is embarrassing to admit but when I click on the hyperlink in any email, I just get a two note sound and the link doesn't open. I am not an email expert so I don't know what else to try. Any thoughts? Thanks, David Cyberduffer
  4. Ringfinger, Thanks for the welcome, good to be here. I tried your last suggestion first but nothing unusual was found. Will be tied up a day or so but will try the others soon. Cartoonite, Thanks for your support also. Will let you both know what happens,
  5. Thanks, ringfinger, My McAfee "Privacy Service" was apparently the problem. I put www.msfn.org in the "Accept Cookies Web Site" list and the problem is solved. I have PS set on "tell me about incoming cookies" and had accepted the msfn cookies originally but something went south. All better now. Thanks again,
  6. Hi, I just joined and I am having trouble staying logged in. Almost every time I change screens I become a Guest again. When I Log back In, I get a correct Username prompt when I type the first letter and the correct Password is filled in. What is wrong? Help, please,
  7. Hi C, Thanks for the response. A search for IEXPLORE.EXE yielded the following two responses: Name - In Folder - Size - Type - Date Modified IEXPLORE - C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer - 91 KB - Application - 8/12/2004 8:19 AM IEXPLORE.EXE - C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch - 63 KB - PF File - 9/12/2005 8:03 PM That second one looked a little strange to me so I Googled around and found out it is legitimate also. Discussions all centered around "to clean out" or "not to clean out" the Prefetch file in order to improve boot times (Testing and Microsoft testimonials indicated that it was best to leave it alone.) None of the discussions identified a shutdown problem like mine that might be caused by Prefetch. Other problems I am having include: dww.exe-DLL Initialization Failed "Failed to Initialize because Windows is shutting down" (I also Googled this one tonight and found that it has many possible causes and that the possible solutions are far beyond my cybergeezer capability.) Another new problem that I am having since the hard drive replacement is with hyperlinks in emails. When I click on one I get a "beep, beep" and the computer locks up. Any thoughts about any of this? Regards,
  8. Thanks Martin. I am not up on the relationship of Outlook with Outlook Express but will try my questions there. Regards,
  9. Hi, New guy here. Which place is best to get Outlook Express questions answered? Thanks,
  10. Hi, New guy here - senior citizen - about average home user but not good with operating system problems. This looks like a great site - hope someone can help with this one: I am getting my Dell 8400 with XP Pro back in operation after the second big Maxtor hard drive crash in the past 4 months. A new problem during shutdown is a repeating "End Program - IEXPLORE.EXE" window that requires as many as 8 "End Now" commands to finally allow shutdown. I have Googled the problem and have done some searches here but am further confused about what IEXPLORE.EXE actually is and how to get rid of the "Not responding" window. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance, David PS: The 8400 came with dual 250 gig Maxtor hard drives in Raid 0 format. After this second crash, I upgraded to dual Seagate 300 gig drives and changed to Raid 1 config.

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