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  1. i would put this in the suggestion thread, but i don't know if it is possible or not. Based on what I have read, superfetch uses more memory, the more memory you have. So if you have 1 gig of ram, it uses ~512 mb of ram, 2 gigs of ram ~768, and 4 gigs of ram ~1024. I was wondering if there was a way to tweak superfetch into thinking that someone has 4 gigs when he/she only has 2? This would improve the experience of those people that do not use resource-hungry software that have a lot of ram (removing 1 gig of ram from 2 gigs still leaves you with 1 entire gig to use), but would like the extra boost in speed that comes with having more files cached in ram. This might also help people with 4 gigs if the pattern continues and an 8 gig computer would use more ram, since there would still be plenty of ram left over (the most resource hungry game right now only uses ~2.7 gigs of ram). I don't know how I would look up this (im?)possible tweak, so i thought i should just ask you knowledgable people since, if it is possible, i would like it added to vlite.
  2. I thought this way would be more thorough. - there might be stuff you don't know how to remove (not questioning your abilities) - there might be features that you know exist, but don't know how to find in order for them to be removed - there might be features that microsoft stuck into ultimate that it did not advertise because they are insignificant but still take up space when installed - there might be better versions of a feature in vista that people don't really need a better version of that you so far only remove rather than downgrade - there might be features that are difficult to remove that you won't waste your time removing, but would be nice if removed anyway and i thought this might be faster, since you already removed all the big stuff, it would be easier to go forwards (from home basic -> ultimate). people can just add what you already know how to remove. but since it won't work, at least thanks for reading through the post.
  3. I'm writing this as a scenario, since I don't know how to explain it. Someone that has ultimate clicks on a button in vlite that would make only the features of home basic install if he/she clicked next and let vlite do its thing. The person then adds additional features, features found only in ultimate, features that the person has a right to have since he/she owns ultimate, to his/her install (when installed, the os would be recognized as ultimate). The os would not be bloated since it is the home basic install (with a few changes so that it is recognized as ultimate), but with all the extra ultimate features he/she wants. So: home basic -> ultimate home basic -> home premium business -> ultimate (enterprise is not found on the regular disk, right?) This would only work though if an install of home basic can be recognized as ultimate, so say if it can be so this topic can just end if it cannot happen. I was thinking of a home basic install with all the games (including the ultimate extra games), and some of the major security features of the business installs. I believe it would be easy since vlite already removes some of the big features found in ultimate. It would just be a process of installing what vlite already can remove when it sees an ultimate install. Here's a good comparison matrix at: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/01/27/w...son-and-matrix/

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